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Hash Oil + E-Cigarette

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bnug, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I have an e-cigarette and I was wondering if this would work. If you don't know how it works, it's a nicotine "cartridge" that fits onto the end of what is basically an electronic vaporizer made to look like a cigarette. I was looking in the online store today and they sell little droppers of the fluid to refill a dried out cartridge. Wondering if I could put hash oil in a dried out cartridge and get baked :)
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    hash oil tends to clog my atomizer. But if you dont mind cleaning it your self and taking the risk (ie have a spare on hand) give it a try it gets you high.

    The better solution i have found is to dissolve the oil in a glycerine tincture similar to the diy e-liquids. I put 1 tsp glycerine to 1/2 gram of oil to maintain potency. I use a coffe warmer to heat it to speed the mixture. This still clogs the atomizer eventually but no more then standard e-liquids in my opinion.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Cool man. I'll definitely try it once I make this hash oil. On a side note, didn't think I would find another person who smokes electronic lol. Nobody around here even knows what they are.
  4. I've been wanting to try one of those "e-cigarette". Did you buy it online? I herd of them a wile back, just never really looked into them.

    About hash oil I made two batches one yesterday and one this morning. The glob i made yesterday came form stems about 19-20 grams its really dark in the glob but when you string it its gold. The glob I made today was form bud some good mids. The color is gold honey gold its purddy.

    Ok now i have two questions how do you store your hash oil and the bud that i use to make the oil can that be smoked or should it just be tossed? Not trying to hijack your thread eather.;)

    let us know how the hash oil in the e-cig go.
  5. lol don't worry about hijackin my thread. i did buy it online at (they're really good, one of the cheaper ones around too, starter kit +shipping came out to like 89bucks.)

    i would put the hash oil in a mason jar i guess. or you could get like a turkey baster or something and get it into a jar of eyedrops somehow. as far as the bud goes i wouldn't smoke it, since almost all the thc has been extracted and is in the oil.
  6. Everytime I hear about an e-cigarette it always makes me so jealous that I didn't have one while i was going to school. You could smoke it in class and no one would ever figure it out.:smoking:
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    Wow just when to the web site cool product. what flavor do you like? since I smoke camel lights would low nicotine cartridges be for me?
  8. i smoked menthols so i like the mint flavored ones. if you want something that tastes like your cigarettes, get the regular tobacco flavor. as far as low/medium/high cartridges. it depends on how many you smoke a day (not whether they're light or ultra light). from 15-25 cigarettes a day (estimate) get mid. lower than 15, get low. higher than 25, get high nicotine
  9. I think I might have to get one! :hello:
  10. i have an e cigarette...its pretty awesome i got it from totally wicked cigarettes and yes you can put hash oil into them....its pretty amazing...hash oil will clog the automizer though so mix it with glycerol like that other guy said...just google totally wicked e cigarettes they are the best kind and they work awesome....happy smoking
  11. E-Cigarette? Anyone fancy describing how they work?
  12. Someones to high ;)
  13. I ripped a bong, read that post, then it hit me, so i'm guessing.. I just forgot. Like, as soon as I read it.

    Shit :eek:.
  14. i just got blu cigarettes, amazing, about to try that 'tincture' above; need to find a nice hash oil recipe
  15. the only recipe for oil: Butane+Weed=Oil haha
  16. smell-wise (is that a word?) are they similar to regular vapes?
  17. Way to resurrect a 1 year old thread
  18. you gotta buy the blank cartridges. than it will work
  19. I had a cartomizer that burned out the filter thing and I was able to smoke weed in it, it works really good. I have only found one problem, the weed tastes like burning rubbern because of a resin build up. But it gets you high and I use a t-rex 510 e-cigarette.

  20. lol dude you gotta keep in mind that this is a stoner forum therefore most members are likely blitzed so their analytical skills may not be top notch.

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