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Hash oil e-cig juice

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by D34D_1C3, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I'm toying around with the idea of making a THC based e-liquid that could be used to fill/re-fill empty e-cig cartridges. I know that it has been done, but the method that i have come up with hasn't been used yet, so i figured i'd post it up here to see what you guys think.

    1. The THC source: The source of THC for this liquid will be extracted oil from vaped bud, stems, trimmings, kief, and anything else i can find. The initial run is just for testing purposes so i don't want to waste good bud to make oil and have it not work. The method that i will be employing for extraction is steeping in pure acetone. I am aware that acetone of an acceptable purity (at least by my standards) is dificult to come buy in the retail market, so i will most likely be ordering it from a lab supply company. I am choosing acetone as my solvent over butane and iso because it is supposed to have a slightly higher yield, and since i am using bud that has already been vaped for the majority of the source, i need to leech out as much as possible.

    2. THC Activation: This is a step that i have not seen in any of the other recipes and it is one that i think is completely essential (at least in theory) to get the most out of your product since most e-cigs are designed for vaporizing a nicotine solution and the temperature doesn't get quite as high as i'd like. THC drops its extra COOH molecule and becomes psychoactive and usable at approximately 220 fahrenheit (this is the reason that eating fresh bud, in my experience anyway, does absolutely nothing) My oil will be heated to a temp of 250 fahrenheit throughout so that i can be sure it is completely activated.

    3. Solution: After the THC oil has been fully activated, i will add it to a mixture of propylene glycol and grain ethanol (ethanol is for better consistency of mixture since THC is readily soluble in alcohol, and as an added bonus, the alcohol will provide a better throat hit for the vapor). I am not sure what the final ratio of oil to PG will be, but i have read 1tsp. PG to a half gram of oil, so I will Probably start there.

    For now this is mostly just for brainstorming and feedback purposes because i do not have enough product to make oil yet, but as soon as i can, i will post pictures and results. In the mean time, comments, suggestions, and opinions are welcome. The process will be a bit labor intensive, but hopefully i will succeed in making a liquid THC product/recipe guide that can be used in any current e-cig cartridge on the market. In addition, if this works, you will be able to add ecig flavorings to the solution and indulge wherever and whenever you want with minimal risk.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully i'll be back soon with updates, wish me luck!

    Edit: I forgot to mention that this e-juice (provided potency and vaporizing works out) will work in both 3 piece atomizer e-cigs as well as 2 piece cartomizer e-cigs, however i would recomend the 2 piece version because the cartridges are disposable and should not be used more than 5 times with refilling. This will, if nothing else, save you from having to buy new atomizers more frequently and by refilling the used disposable cartridges, the only extra cost will come from the production of the juice.
  2. Most of that shit is over my head but still very interesting. I'm sub'd to see results.
  3. I looked into doing this about a year ago (I have an e-cig, they suck ass) and as of then it couldn't be done.

    The problem is that no matter what you do, the honey oil is gonna be too thick to pass thru the mini-vaporizer. There was one guy I found that did it but the vape burnt out after 4 or 5 hits.
  4. Zatyro, I am aware of this problem in earlier attempts, i am hoping that by using a 2 piece cartomizer it will work better in general and also, i am going to attempt to thin out the oil with ethanol before i mix it in. I have been told that e-liquid is supposed to be just a bit more viscous than water, so with enough tweeking of the recipe, i'm gonna try to get a solution that is thinner. I can always add water to the PG to dilute it, and since the oil will be dissovled in a small amount of ethanol, there shouldn't be a problem with getting it to mix. Thanks for the info though, i hope i can prove you wrong :smoke:
  5. Acetone is a major no-no as an alternative to butane in the medical community around here.

    I'm not personally saying I know if it's bad to use. I only know this because I was talking to the owner of a very reputable dispensary the other day about edibles commonly sold in dispensaries and we got on the topic of cheeba chews, which he told me to never buy again because they make their oil by tossing trim in a vat of acetone overnight. I didn't prod as to why but I'm just sayin acetone might be a bad idea.
  6. Which ecig, and which juice, is this impression based on?

    OP, sounds like a plan, I will keep an eye on this one. Though, I do not understand your rationale for for cartos over carts. You're throwing away more atomizers with cartos, not less. I've tracked expenses carefully for four months of fairly heavy vaping (3+ ml/day) and cartos are far, far less cost-effective.

    Carts and cartos are great for nicotine juice @ 50c a ml. But if I went through the trouble of developing and perfecting a much more expensive THC juice, the last place I'd put it would be a cart or carto. Eventually the filling gets thrown away with a ton of residual juice => significant $$ down the drain, on top of the fact that you're not vaping at ideal temperature. Much preferable IMO would be dripping onto a dewicked atomizer, ultimate efficiency. If you don't mind blowing the cash, I guess the cart(o)s are potentially more discrete.

    Having an Iolite has kept me from seriously looking into this. It's as discrete as I could ever need, and just works so damn quickly and reliably, every time, with virtually no effort. Don't get me wrong, I understand the appeal to your idea and will definitely stay tuned. Happy experimenting. :)
  7. It's an NJoy brand one with the medium-strength tobacco flavored juice. It's not the strength that sucked, it was the flavor. The juices are just fog fluid with flavoring added, but all you could taste was the fog fluid and it made me gag everytime I hit it.

    I did, at one point, find a company online that sold fairly large bottles of refill fluid in about 10 different flavors, but I never got around to ordering one. I just didn't wanna spend the money only to find they weren't any better
  8. NJoy and the juice that comes with it....... :laughing:

    That's like smoking some bricked up schwag out of a lead pipe with a flaming chunk of napalm..... and then proclaiming "Weed sucks!"

    It's just not fair to make such sweeping generalizations without seeing what else is out there in the e-cig world, both regarding the hardware and the juices. There is high quality stuff out that blows the shit from the mall out of the water and then some. Sorry for the quick tangent but I just don't want people to assume it all sucks before they even try.
  9. I have heard this from multiple sources, however in almost every case, it's a problem with the purity of the acetone. Since i will be using labratory grade, i shouldn't have to worry about it and i will be testing the purity before use, however, if anyone else tries this recipe after i finish the testing, or while i am testing, any other method of extraction should work equally as well, the goal is to get oil and i kno that a lot of people out there won't want to mess around with acetone in something they will be ingesting.

    And to windowless, i don't doubt that an atomizer might be more efficient, but the reason i like carts is that they are disposable and i get a new one with every cartridge, so they won't be constantly degrading over time. Another reason for the carts is that i want to be able to switch between the cartridges quickly without cross contamination and frankly, it's what i have on hand. Also, i'm not too worried about money lost, at least not at this stage of testing, because the main source of THC is bud that has already been vaped, most people just toss it out, i'm recycling :) so theres really no cost involved for me here except for the solvents and solutions that will go into the manufacturing process. once i have a viable solution, i may very well switch to a different method of vaporizing, and i would love to try an iolite at some point, just don't have the money for it right now.

    To everyone else, thanks for the feedback so far and i'll try not to keep you waiting for too long.

  10. All of them. I have 8 different models and about 25 bottles of juice. They all blow and do absolutely nothing. They all just sit in a box under my bed. SNUS is so much better (For quitting smoking).
  11. I guess it all comes down to personal preference; I've had a very positive experience with them and so have a few other people I know. :)
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    Acetone only occurs if you actually combust, e-cigs are mini vapes. When used properly, you should -never- combust with an e-cig. The only models that are 'dangerous' are knock-off no name brands made with low grade materials and plastics that should never be exposed to heat, many lesser companies try to replicate specifically Joye 510s, Ego's etc.

    I made a thread for hash tincture used with e-cigs, for those of you who are interested, several months back:

    Click for thread & how-to:






    And, all the flavors I produce:

  13. I just noticed that you actually intended on using acetone as your solvent... don't.
  14. Maybe thats why they dont work? In my experience they work best when charged and used as needed.
  15. lol. yea, you would think that. But they work just as effectively sitting in the box under the bed. :)

    They may work with the mental aspect of smoking, as you still get the hand to mouth action, but they have already done tests and have shown that they deliver next to NO nicotine whatsoever, no matter what strength juice you use. They actually deliver less nicotine that the pharmaceutical products which in and of themselves suck at delivering nicotine. If they help people with the mental addiction of smoking, then I am glad they are available, but for those looking for nicotine delivery out of e-cigs, well, it just doesn't happen, and has been scientifically proven.

    And so as not to hijack, i have often thought if it would be possible to smoke some MJ somehow through them, so I am very interested to see where this thread leads. Good Luck OP. :)
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    I'm interested to see the study you're referencing? Not doubting what it actually said, just genuinely interested to read it myself.....

    If I vape 36mg constantly/heavily for like 10min, I get super dizzy/nauseated, clammy sweaty palms, and start puking (lol obviously this is not something i did on purpose). If I do the same with 0mg, I get nothing. That's a pretty strong result for a placebo, and strangely coincident with the effects of nicotine overdose. ;)
    edit -hopefully this doesn't fall under the no other drug discussion rule since it's legal ? If not I can just delete this post......

    And to keep on topic.... uh.... still excited to see what OP comes up with.
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    Many people when first using them get nic-buzzes and head rushes from e-cigs, I've never heard of a reputable report, claiming they don't deliver nicotine. It certainly doesn't remain in the cartridge, for those who use nic blends, so I'm not sure where it's ending up if not vaporized and delivered into the lungs.

    Propylene glycol is, in my opinion, the lesser of the vape 'vehicles', even while it is similar to glycerin, which I prefer. PG reminds me of fun-house fog juice, while glycerin is more mild.

    It's not for everyone, some people just enjoy the more familiar sensation of burning material, versus vaporization. Those people will probably never get the sensation or satisfaction they desire from an e-cig, regardless of the nicotine provided.

    But if you're interested in using hash oil with your collection, so you can get some use out of your e-cigs, you should probably check out my thread linked above. Acetone is not the solvent you'd want to use, acetone a concern many have with burning materials and combustion, acetone can be present in burning fats, oils, plant matter, it's specifically associated with the acrid smell of burning fats and over-heated cooking oil. Acetone is dangerous, and it can be created when materials are burned which is why many folks prefer vaporization, the thought of actually starting out with it is appalling to me.

    I couldn't stress more, that you should NEVER use acetone in any form of processing, but most especially when the inhalation of vapor or smoke produced by the end product, is concerned.

    You're better off taking your time with glycerin, or using grain alcohol to first dissolve your hashish, then once the alcohol has for the most part dissipated, you add the resulting hash goo to the glycerin and allow to sit for several weeks. Those are my tried and true methods, they work in any e-cig or table-top vaporizer than can hold a liquid, and it even works in a fog machine.



    The above, is the resulting 'vapor' after a session, when traces are allowed to condense inside the bag... it comes out exactly the same as it went in, from flavor, to color, to consistency (to potency, when licked off the bag :) )
  18. My friend had a vapor king e cig and we had a shit load of tinture that we ended up with for free some how.... but anyway we put it in the e cig and it tasted TERRABLE. All you could taste was alcohol. Also we couldnt even tell if it worked being stoned off our ass already. I believe we got the phatty head ache from it....
  19. Don't vape alcohol tincture. The tincture you should have been vaping is either glycerin preferably with only a few drops per oz of of grain alcohol, or propylene glycol.
  20. Nice posts and guides, BKS. I agree with absolutely avoiding acetone in this app, should have mentioned that earlier.

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