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Hash, Oil, Concentrates and Dabbing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by FlashNKill, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,
    One of my buddys just recently bought a 1/2 oz of hash oil and a Oil dome.
    I've tried it alot on weed, but only a couple times tried it with the oil dome, my bong is a different gauge as his so I need to be at his house to use it. Regardless I loved it to death and just randomly baught a skillet, mostly so we could smoke oil at my house but also to start " dabbing " myself.

    So what do you guys think about Oil, Hash and concentrates?
    Like, Cost, how high you get, taste.
    Thinks like that

    Also, I'm buying a 2011 BC A/C with a J Hook for an dabbing rig.

    Also, I have a basic question.. Hash is solid brown stuff, hash oil is the gooey brown stuff.. But the yellow thing that you smoke.. I was under the impression that it was a concentrates.. But people call it ear wax and butter.. What is it really?

    Edit : I know this is a question.. But I didn't really feel like Apprentice Tokers would be the right place, I'm sure alot of old tokers are wondering the same question.
  2. That waxy stuff, has lots of different consistancy actually, is BHO! Butane honey oil, sex oil, budder, wax, et al. Basically extracting thc with butane gas as opposed to isopropyl alcohol, ice/water hash, or sifting methods. It comes in a lot of forms depending on a few different variables, Im not a big oil head, someone can come clarify. We have a whole section on the topic of concentrates already brotha, located here. Lot's of your questions will be answered there...

    Hash/oil/concentrates are awesome! Sometimes pricey, and more often than not good quality is harder to come by (unless you are going the homemade route) but a little goes a long way, and the effects are like nothing else in cannabis :smoke:
  3. All of those are concentrates
  4. It's actually spelled budder, and it is bho hash that was heated and whipped/aerated to give it that consistently.
  5. I like extracts much more now that I'm making them myself and not having to pay premium prices. Ran my first BHO run with an Oz of trim and popcorn a few weeks ago. I'm going to run the rest of my popcorn this weekend. Easy to extract and awesome to smoke.

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  6. How much BHO did you get from the Oz of trim?
    And what % of THC do you expect that it has?
  7. I have a 2011 bc ac and don't recommend it if you want to turn it into a rig. The j hook I got from a lt doesn't fit my ac. It doesn't stand up straight unless I put the ac ontop of my wii because the hook is bigger. It hits wonderful though and stacks beautifully with a j hook. Also without a base the ac feels weird hitting.

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