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Hash Oil Capsules- gets you RIPPED

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by SplitGenetics, May 2, 2011.

  1. So ive been experimenting with a lot of different kinds of edibles, both with bud & hash oil. So today I emptied out 2 pill capsules & filled 3/4 of each capsule with oil & closed it back up & popped both of them. I'm guessing about .4 of a g fit in each capsule. About 45 minutes later it started to kick in a bit, slight body high,( TV becomes more interesting) but about 1.5 hrs later I was "in a dream" it was very nice.. Everything becomes dream like & slowed down, you'll deff be seated for a while.
    Overall I highly suggest people try this method. IMO-very effective.
  2. How exactly did you make your oil?
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    I didnt make it, but its bho. good shit gets the job done
  4. So if I made QWISO and put it in capsules and swallowed it I will get high ? Or does it have to be BHO?
  5. it works... I know this due to not using pill caps and just rolling up a 2-3gm piece of hash (was a 2nd running) and ate it... taste like death with a bit of nastyness mixed in... and really... meh was not that good of a buzz
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    I hope you got medicated! Particularly where a concentrate like BHO is concerned, that's nearly 8 TIMES the standard 'safe' starting dose, for properly made edible hash oil. If they were 00 capsules (one of the standard sized caps for many herbal supplements), they can potentially fit nearly a gram, each... your dose could have been even higher than you realized.

    It's a very good start though :)

    Even with a decent dry sift hash, 0.15g once activated, then infused and broken down properly in oil, will medicate the average smoker or patient very well. Meaning if processed correctly with the intent of digestion in mind, you can achieve the same and even greater effect, from much less material, saving you not only a fortune, but many hours of processing additional pills to compensate for the extra material which is required for the same effect.

    A fraction of dry sift hash processed in a pure oil source, can be incredibly strong. And BHO, if made and filtered properly, should be much more concentrated per unit of weigh. But your cannabinoids still need to be processed or altered before consumption, if you were to vape or smoke them for instance, heat would be applied causing chemical conversion, and turning them to a vapor or brackish smoke to be inhaled and absorbed. But glandular material and cannabinoids, when consumed orally, are notorious difficult for the body to separate, absorb and digest.
    That it was BHO was your saving grace, if it had been completely raw water or dry sifted glands, you would have hardly felt a thing.

    Next time, try using that BHO to whip up a proper edible oil, there are several very good tutorials laying about... even if you narrow it down 0.3 grams per dose, it's much more bang for your buck :)

    Photo Tutorial: Highly Activated Medi. Grade Bioavailable - Hash & Canna - Oils, Edibles, Drinkables, and more...




  7. ^^ thats freaking sick
  8. I wish I could just walk in a dispensary & pick up capsules like that.. how much would the capsules cost you think? Like 5.5 g's split between 15 capsules, how much would that cost?.. anyone know
  9. capsules are $5.00/ea. in my market. i have 2 in front of me now and i'll be leaving a message here later to tell you what happened.  :)
  10. [quote name="SanchoLopez" post="19293940" timestamp="1389068267"]capsules are $5.00/ea. in my market. i have 2 in front of me now and i'll be leaving a message here later to tell you what happened. :)[/quote]Is your market Colorado by any chance? I'm just on fantasy island thinking about legal 5$ .4g hash capsules omg! :p
  11. nope. I'm pretty far from CO. I'm in a conservative southern state, but a cool one :cool:
  12. Really you could use any type of resin.. wash with iso alcohol and evaporate it off.. take what's left and mix with some oil and throw in some soy lecithin.. fill up your caps and go for it

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