Hash Oil Blunt w/ Pics

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  1. I made this a few nights ago and smoked it last night in ther garage with some buddies.

    It's master kush oil with a mix of bubba, blackberry kush, strawberry cough, and some unknown kush. I used a platinum wrap, the flavor was called "purple" (please don't tell me to use swishers or anything else wraps work just fine). It smells like a cough syrupy grape flavor. This wrap numbed our lips as we smoked. It was amazing. Here's some pics. Enjoy! :smoking:

  2. The third big picture made my day, it really is hilarious for some reason :D
  3. dude, nice blunt, nice camera too.
  4. looks like a damn good blunt man
  5. Nice one :)

    Just be careful, de-swirling finger prints is an actual technology (it's been used in television as well), and it's much easier to de-swirl a human face into something recognizable, than it is to de-swirl fingerprints enough to reveal points that are identifiable enough to stand up in a court of law.
    What I do for prints, when I'm sharing something from my grow, is use the dropper to select colors close to the shade of the finger tip, actually blot out the prints all together with the paintbrush, blend that to simulate a smooth finger-tip, then eliminate the previous layer before saving.

    The swirls make for some fun effects though, cool pics :)
  6. Not bad. Looks good. Next you gotta try wrapping it in pot leaves and sealing it with hash oil.. mmmmmmm
  7. Thanks for the great comments everyone. Here's a cool pic from hookah the other night:

  8. Wow. How the heck do you blow rings that big :hello: Ive been smoking for 10 years now and cant blow rings that good. Amazing blunt by the way :smoke:
  9. Sick pictures. I tried the berry platinum wraps recently and they taste so good.

    Anyway not to sabotage the thread but would a sticky bubble hash work in a blunt? I've only used drier hashes in blunts before.

  10. Yeaa I really liked the taste of the platinum. I just got some maple flavored Kingpins so I'm gonna try those out next. They smell great!

    As for your question, I just whiped the oil on the wrap before I rolled it. Then I just let it dry a few days. It worked fine. The smoke was insane. In the middle the smoke was like yellow :smoke:
  11. I was talking about solid hash not hash oil but that is useful info too

    And I just got the melon flavored zig zag wraps. I'll let you know how they are later
  12. What?

  13. Ahh gotcha. I think it would be fine. Just break it down into small pieces and mix it in with your bud.
  14. dude thats clean

    i just smoked a .5 joint with some hash oil i got from my dispensary

    pretty fuckin baked...:smoke:

  15. You could use a little bit of iso to liquefy the hash. Rub it on the wrap let evaporate and then roll and enjoy.
  16. Nice minus the filter and wrap.

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