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Hash milkshakes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Highrightnow, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Wassup blades, I need some guidance.

    Anyways, my mates just got some real nice hash, and he was saying how he puts it in yoghurts and milkshakes and it gets him high. To me this sounds like crap and it wouldn't work, however I guess THC is fat soluble, and there is fats in yoghurts and milk shakes, So im confused :confused:

    Also I thought heat was neeeded to activate the THC, anyways the question is, would it work mixing hash into milkshakes and yoghurts? I'm doubtful :)
  2. Don't be doubtful, It's fat soluble, and the stomach acid should help active the THC, im not quite sure though.
  3. Any more ideas guys, cause I might be trying tonight if it works ha.:hello:
  4. I would rather just smoke it than risk it not working. Your call though...
  5. Agreed man. It's just if it's a definitive yes, I might have to give it a go :hello:
  6. hmm, any of you wise ones have any ideas?
  7. since you said its some nice hash, i would smoke it for sure. if it was lower quality, i would say go for the milkshake. just my two cents
  8. The reason i don't go for edibles is that I can't really make myself do all that work when i could just pack a bowl.

    That and I tried it once and fucked up and wasted a 1/4 :mad:
  9. I can personally attest to these working, I had one a few years back and it tore me up pretty nice. I wish I had a recipe for it but I'll be honest I've never made one. Try searching around the forums here, and like someone else already said I don't know if I'd do it with high quality hash.
  10. THC does not need heat to be "activated" it is already an active chemical. Heat is a catalyst used to bind the THC molecules to the fat molecules for easier absorption and digestion.

  11. AKA: you need to use heat unless you plan to sit around for a month while your buds sit in the milk.
  12. make the milkshakes, then smoke the hash, then drink the milkshakes. fail proof.
  13. I had bhang in India, its basically weed mixed with milk and a bunch of other Indian spices. I can vouch that it does in fact get you high. Once a year, weed is legal in India during a religious event called holi or shivratri. A priest at a temple gave me a water bottle filled with bhang for free, but i left a 50 rupee donation (~1USD). Anyways, heres a recipe

    Bhang Recipes,Recipe of Bhang,Holi Bhang Recipe,Recipe for Bhang

    Even though it calls for an ounce, you can scale the recipe down.
  14. Hey, I know you posted this like three years ago,
    but a hash milkshake is where you burn hash on a paperflip under an upside down glass, and then it "milks", then you put a straw under and suck the smoke out. And since you use a straw, it's called a hash milkshake. That might have been what he was referring to?

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