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Hash makin question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TaylorGangThat, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Can you use 50% alcohol?? if so how much longer will it have to be shook up for
  2. I mean you CAN use 50% alcohol but i wouldnt recommend it my man. Get yourself some 97 or 95% and that will do the trick.

    But if 50 is all you have then i would swish it around a good couple times, until the alcohol turns yellowish/greenish i suppose
  3. I suppose if that's all you got. If I were you I'd still go out of my way to do it right and get 91%.

    Shake it for no more then 30 seconds, even with 50%.
  4. 95% isopropyl alcohol, if you can't get that then make honey oil instead if possible
  5. im just gonna go buy 91 thanks guys
  6. ^^ good man
  7. i got another question. im not gonna smoke any of this for a couple days will it hurt for it to just sit on the plate for an extra 24 hrs?
  8. It should be fine.

  9. Ehh, If i were you I would scrape it and stick it on some wax paper and throw it in the freezer. It wouldn't hurt
  10. no wax paper
  11. No biggie brother, just pointing you to a lot of good resources.
  12. id never been to that part of the forum, lots of good stuff in there

  13. Except definitely in waxed paper, might get a little stuck but keeps it in shape and keeps it safe from other things

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