Hash is that shit

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  1. Am i right? Smoked hash for the first time this week. Can't remember the day. All i know is i called the homie who is fucking some hoe who works at a dispensary. Told him i wanted an 8th of some medical for 30. He came out to the car and said he could only get like 30 of bud but he got me a little bit of hash. I never tried hash before and it was super fucking small. So i thought he was trying to rip me off or something. But i mean it was over 3 grams of bud so i was like fuck it. I think he just wanted to throw me some hash to try out. Either way it broke down into a lot more then i thought it would be. Put that shit on top of my bud and took a hit...

    Could feel that shit hit my chest i was like insta high. I was so so fucked up for the rest of that night. Just felt too good. Passed out like twice woke up and smoked again. I love hash.
  2. Damn I should have ordered the afghan hash! Sounds amazing, I want something to get me coughing again...
  3. Lol yea get that next time. Funny thing is you mentioning hash in your thread is the thing that gave me the idea for this one.
  4. no your wrong! hash oil is the way
  5. Hash is essentially concentrated cannabis. In m opinion it'll always be better than bud and i'm glad you've discovered it, it seems to be that it's really rare in America.
  6. Where I live in the UK we mainly smoke up bud, however I have tried Moroccan hash as an old friend of mine tended to get his hands on it easier then bud. I only felt a light buzz from it in comparison with the skunk we was smoking, but then again his hash might have just been a bit crap. I can say that I absolutely love the taste of hash but HATE the hot rocks which keep dropping out the end of the joints, they completely ruined my cousins bed sheet haha.
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    Smoke a lot of hashish, since it is easier to come by here than regular weed.
    Hasish is a really strong body stone. Make way for the couch!
    Sometimes weed is more appropriate, depending on what you have planned to do.
    But yeah, enjoy that high, because it can totally fuck you up, hahaha :p

    Be aware: You can get good hash and bad hash. If you dont get high from smoking it, you should stop, since it means that the hasish is blended with something else to make more profit.

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