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Hash in Volcano

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Jakeoster, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Where I am from buds are more available than hash. Hash is something that's around if you look for it but isn't normally available from my usual sources.

    I don't know what my tolerance is but I usually hit two bags off the volcano at night before bed.

    I have one of those little pads that has never been used.

    How is the volcano with hash? Does it save you money like it does with buds? Does it get you super ripped?

    What's your experience if you've tried this?

  2. No one knows about this?
  3. try it out and report back?!?
  4. Well a vape vaporised thc and hash is very high percentage thc so yeah you will be high....
  5. Works great. And u will get a lot of bags off it. However i have had some butane hash that tastes horrible. It's really obvious when there are still nasty chemicals present. I had some the other day that tasted like aerosol upholstery cleaner for cars. Disgusting. But man oh man. One bag and I tossed it out but I haven't been that high in a long time.
  6. It works rather well. But I don't use only hash, I usually put some concentrate on top of a bed of green.
  7. Ok cool thanks, I didn't want to just run out and try it because hash is a PITA for me to get and expensive. So I didn't want to make a bone head move since I don't have anything else to efficiently smoke hash out of.

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