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Hash in the ass?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Heroic Dose, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. #1 Heroic Dose, Sep 26, 2013
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    Anybody ever done some downtown dabbin? Some rectal reefer? Crack full of kush? gape some ganj? Butthole bhangin? plugged pollen? Dirtied up some dank? Got an herbal enema? Keester some chronic? Prison stash some hash? Sphincter some skuff? Cornhole some kief? Booty some budder?

    This is actually serious, im curious if anybody has ever taken a weed supposity/plugg ed hash or knows anybody who has.
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  2. Let me be the first to say owwww thats nasty.
  3. lmao, those terminologies for it are gold. Butt no, no way in hell.
  4. Is this really a thing? Like do people really do this? I've heard of people drinking beer through the ass, but this?????
  5. Have you ever injected hash into your bloodstream?
  6. That shit's awesome bro
  7. I saw a thread where a guy shoved slightly thawed frozen canna butter into his ass. He said he got baked but when the butter started melting and running out his ass it sucked.
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  8. could be useful for the very ill medical patients to have a suppository when they cant bring themselves to eat or smoke
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  9. People have died from that.  
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    That's crazy man. I KNOW you will because it's oil but I've never actually heard of anyone who would actually do it.
  11. sounds a little lethal
    I still don't understand how this would work.. Do you "breath" in the smoke through your butt? I tried looking this up on google and I'm not finding anything helpful.. Or is it a THC capsule that you insert in the anus?
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  13. I'm palming the inside of my fucking skull.
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  14. Wut

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  15. You should be the first OP. Make a kind of liquid solution, and suck it up in a turkey baster.... and go from there.
    I remember this thread. Isn't it the same thing? Except the hash is much more potent?
  17. Most likely way would be shoving a hash ball in there or turkey basting oil. Your anus absorbs things very well and doesnt pass through the digestive tract which with some drugs means itll hit harder and faster and last longer
  18. Idk if its more potent man I'm not too familiar with anal administration of drugs. All I know is shoving a psychoactive chemical into your ass will produce a more intense high than smoking it.
  19. And the heat in your anus makes the THC react? Wow, I had to take suppositories as a kid so butt-stuff aint new to me, but this is the first I've heard of such a method of smoking?
  20. It isn't smoking at all. just put it in and let dissolve. And I would only think itd work with already heat activated product.
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