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Hash In Egypt.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gangsta9898, May 29, 2013.

  1. Im going to be going to Egypt in 4 days for 3 months and was wondering what would be the best way to find some hash? And anyone know the price range? Im gonna be staying in Cairo. Thanks
  2. Doesn't Egypt have some crazy kill you law if they catch you?
  3. arm for an arm! well idk but just don't steal anything.
  4. If it's an Islamic ruled nation, then you can't.
  5. Yes it has strict laws about drugs but they are rarely enforced especially if you are a tourist and $20-$100 can get you out of any situation in Egypt ;). I know most of the locals smoke it. I just wana know from someone whos been there if its a good idea to just ask a random person.
  6. do it and if he smacks your face then you shouldn't ask them.
  7. Dont think thats what hes worried about
  8. Ya more worried about cops, and I dont wana really upset people either. 
  9. Yea, thats what I figured. Idk, you just try to go to india. I here its made cheap, and your bound to find hash there. Or so I heard.
  10. I was gonna go to London but stupid expedia wont let me change my ticket. Anyway i heard hash in egypt is super cheap and ussually good quality.
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    bump, I just got off probo so I havent smoked in a long time Im desperate for some good hash :p. Anyone?
  12. Hey man Ive smoked Egyptian hash a lot and I can tell you most of its pretty legit. There's a lot of it in the country but you kinda have to know someone. It's not a place you wanna go asking around.
  13. Thats the problem I dont really know anyone over there that I would ask. :( Do you know the price's? Like how much is a gram. 
  14. Ask the Egyptian police where the hash is. They know where it is.
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  15. You might meet someone it's more common than people think. Sorry I don't know the prices as I've only been a few times and my friends just got it for me. It wasn't too expensive but if your buying from a guy you don't know you will probably get ripped off. You could always google search for the prices I'm sure there's something somewhere.
    Also you could go to and see what info they have on Cairo.
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    Write your phone number I can help

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