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Hash in a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KEMiKALZ, Jun 20, 2013.

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    How do you smoke your hash in a pipe without tobacco or weed? I have a metal screen i just make a big ball of hash and put it in there, is this what u should do? 

  2. No, that'll fuck up your screen without any weed under it. Just smoke it like this: put the ball of hash onto a pin, and put it into something that can make it stick straight up into the air, light it on fire, blow it out once a lot of smoke it coming out, and let it fill up a bottle you put over the pin. Next, simply lift the bottle up and inhale ( maybe use a straw ).
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    How will it fuck up my screen? Is hash more enjoyable smoking alone or mixed with tobacco/weed? So a big ball of hash is good, you shouldnt make it any other shape or sprinkle or something? What if i wanna put hash in a joint?
    Oh and how do u get a piece off the hash? Light it up a little?
  4. ok first of all jaysfordays gave thee worst explanation for "smoking hash on a pin under a jar with a straw technique".
    but to the OP, hash won't fuck up your screen by itself but you should crumble the hash or if it is gooey then you should break it into tiny pieces and pack a bowl with it. I don't use a screen when I smoke hash in my pipe but that is my preference, do what you think feels right and whatever gets you the highest.
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    Oh and how much hash is good to sprinkle in the bowl? Could someone take a pic of their bowl loaded with hash so i can see what amount it should be?
    Where do you store your hash? glass jar? just in the open? Would it be good to store in one of these?
  6. Alittle hash goes ALONG way, literally the small flat end on ur pinky finger is more than enough to get someone with a mid level tolerance extremely fucked up
  7. I almost always just smoke my hash from a bowl. Some say it's wasteful, others say use a pin, but i just enjoy a simple glass piece for hash.
    I break a chunk off, and make a flat pancake disc out of it. Set that in the bowl evenly, and "corner" it multiple times. The trick is to hold your flame really far away until it ever so slowly starts to melt and bubble. Over light your hash, and it can be ruined. Wanna very slowly heat it.
  8. I like to hot knife my stuff
  9. How many hits should be good from hash?
  10. Just depends. Alot of these people say just a tiny bit. But when I had hash, it was all head high and I was expecting body high and couldn't really do anything but sit in my room and play games. Wasn't the biggest fan, but if you can go outside and do fun head high stuff, just get enough that you can press flat into a disc between your thumb and index finger.
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    mind taking a pic of hash in a bowl with no weed or tobacco so i can see how its loaded and how much i would appreciate it alot!
  12. oh and how should i ignite it with a lighter?
  13. what kinda hash we talkin about here? if it melts or goes to liquid when heated, pack ur bowl 1/2 way with flower(budd) take a large booger sized piece of hash and melt it onto the weed, bowl lasts forever, i'll see if i can put it together in a pic for ya..may take a while.
  14. here is but one example, of many, on how to go about it, once it's over ur pipe use a lighter to slowly heat the hash until it drips onto weed.... :bongin:

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  15. I have regular hard hash and it doesnt melt when igniting it?

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