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Hash high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sonicblast, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Well i've been smoking for a while now weed and ive tried hash when i was younger and i remember being fucked. But now i'm older and ive been smoking everyday for the past two week and my dealer asked if ive tried hash. He said he would sell me a gram for 15. So i'm gonna go buy it tomorrow.

    But i need to know how long the high last and how extreme it is? It takes me alot of weed to get fucked I can smoke a gram in a sitting and be baked but not overwhelming. And even when i have a crazy high it only lasts about two hours?

    So whats it like with Hash i dont plan on smoking much maybe a little on my packed bowl.
  2. Dude im pretty sure that your going to get super fucked up tommorow
  3. Alright seriously you should take this advice.. If you smoke everyday just take a one day break or something and the next morning wake up and smoke that hash in your bong with some bud, but smoke atleast .5. You will get BAKED OUT OF YOUR MIND for a good 6+ hours atleast seriously it's worth it. I love doing that.. It's like, the whole point in getting high for me. I love being extremely stoned and that should do it for ya.

  4. omg he is going to pass the fuck out... :D:D
  5. hahahhah poor kid is going to be hooked like crack the first hit

  6. lol he'd passout with .5g....
    just need like .1g
  7. What kind of hash? I'm expecting pressed kief and not oil. I remember about a year ago I put that in my vaporizer and got couch locked nasty and I had been a daily smoker for a year.

    Now the other day I made BHO for the first time and it was a mostly head high. I could function and unpack boxes in my house. If I rip my bong using bud I get lazy.

    They are just more THC per hit. Once you think you're good, hit it again.

    Side note * hash burns after you light it so be prepared to have to hit the bowl quick or snuff it out which is slightly wasteful
  8. If im putting hash in a bong i make sure to burn my toke real slow so i get all the hash and dont leave any there to burn away, dont really smoke hash that often but when i do i put it on a bong rip or do a bot.
  9. Reading about this hash just made my morning.
  10. Be prepared to have the worst munchies you've ever had :)
  11. #11 stayhungry, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2011
    It's strong, 2 hits and I'm done. I had hash around for a month everyday, what a great time that was.
  12. You can put hash ontop of a bowl and profit? I'm gettin some this weekend.

  13. your signature is to fuckin funny bro
  14. I tried hash after I'd been smoking every day for about a week beforehand. I took a strong rip with some bud in a pipe, and I swear I was stoned before I even breathed out. It almost felt like I was going to puke, it was that powerful.

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