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Hash functioning as a catalysator for dr/dp??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mengSKCJ, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. Hello.

    I've been smoking hash everyday for about two years, always smoking a joint before/while going to bed, and most days I smoke with friends or alone while watching series or a movie. Bottomline; I absolutely love to smoke. However a little over two months ago I got my hands on some trash kashmir and it caused me to have an anxiety/panic attack (felt exactly like how people describe depersonalization and derealization, although much worse, seemingly as it was the first time I had it and I felt like I was going to die).

    Now after this incident the following 1½ month was absolutely horrible. If I smoked during the day either with friends or alone I'd feel kinda off, but it didn't result in an attack of any sorts like previously, however when I went to smoke my beloved "goodnight joint", I'd eventually, regardless of the quality of the hash, begin having symptoms of dp/dr and symptoms of or an actual anxiety/panic attack, basically I somehow managed to continue with that for 1½ months, where during this time I'd spend 30 min - 3 hours every night fighting my own mind until I could finally sleep.

    Anyways, my friends and I decided a long time ago that we wanted to do a month break. (This was decided before I had any trouble with weed/hash) but it felt perfect to convince them into doing it now. So we decided to take a month break and then smoke again when celebrating 4/20. We were four, and we all made a seperate joint, plan was to smoke half of it together and then half of it when going to bed alone. I toked three hits at first and had a nice high for about an hour, then seemingly as it went alright I toked more and more, till half of it was left. At that point I felt a bit off (mildly DR, I believe) and then when I went to bed I started to feel really bad, not as bad as my first incident but that's only cause now I know what it was, but regardless I felt terrible for almost an hour, more or less having a panic attack again with symptoms of DR/DP.

    That's basically the entire story. Now my question is; will I ever be able of properly smoking again or will I forever have to fear the chances of having a panic attack when smoking? I'm ready to quit smoking once and for all, but I really, really do love to smoke. It relaxes my mind (although it seems to do the opposite now...) but yeh, have anyone had to quit smoking for a year due to the same reasons as I - and could you ever smoke again?

    edit: i'm still feeling pretty off so if something doesn't make sense then please ask and i'll do my best to enlighten what i meant

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