hash from a male plant.

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  1. hey dudes, okay. long story short, i was growing sweet tooth from spice of life seed bank, left over beans from last year. started with 4, animals got to three, the last one turned out to be a male. not wanting my grow to be in vain i kept the male plant to make hash out of it.

    i just spent 20 minutes searching through threads to find out when exactly a male plant is mature enough to harvest for hash production, and couldn't find anything. every thread i found was people asking if you could make hash out of a male and most of the answers weren't even right.

    so to start off, i know how to make it, i know that male plants contain 2/3s the amount of thc that females have and i know that it's mostly in the leafy matter.

    i was wondering how to tell when a male plant has the optimum level of thc.
    since the leaves don't create trichomes.

    also, is there thc, or other cbns in the stalk of the plant?

    my pollen sacs have opened up already, if that tells you anything.

    thanks in advance smart growers!
  2. once the sacs are opening you're at optimum levels. i just made some from a male super thai skunk plant and got around 4 grams of decent hash. this plant was a fuckin monster though. and its not a super duper high but i'd think of it as a good mids high.

  3. thanks for the response but i already did it. i made some pretty potent qwiso hash, three washes. it's pretty good.
  4. If you're growing outdoors the decent thing to do is cut down your male plants before they go to flower. I know that sucks but imagine the despair an outdoor grower feels when all 10 of his plants go to seed because one jackass decided to keep his outdoor male plant -.-.
  5. yeah well. fuck them. i had shitty luck this year. at least they got bud. and now their next crop will have sweet tooth genetics in it.
  6. You sir are a braying ass, an insult to any sort of community built upon marijuana. I was that unfortunate soul who last year got seeded by a prick just like you. If you do it outdoors and you get males and you keep them? You deserve to be put down with a blunt edged acid dowsed shovel.
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    don't talk shit. gtfo. my other plants got fucked, and after months of effort i at least wanted something. who gives a fuck if there are seeds in your personal crop. did it hurt your profit? seeds don't change potency. so if you're growing for yourself it's a mild inconvenience at most.

  8. A female plant sacrifices up to 40% of her THC to produce seeds. The fact you had bad luck with your plants gives you NO right to crap up somebody else's life. Yes it affected my harvest, EVERY bud had a full seeding and I was left with about a third of dry weight that me and friends had estimated from previous years. Do not take it out on others just cause u got messed up, that's absolutely not allowable. Go cry somewhere else because you don't deserve to get any plants if you're willing to crap somebody else up ( who did nothing to you ) simply because you're a cry baby who didn't get any females. Do you honestly think you're the first person to have nothing but males? People take down males to protect their own plants , you wanna know why? It destroys a good crop and replaces it with a very weak crop. Seriously go cry somewhere else you don't deserve anybody's help here. Wow I have no females, who cares I'll grow my male out and screw over EVERY grower within a 3 mile radius.

  9. that sucks dude but calm the fuck down... i feel OP's pain too.

    and hey, he has every right, its his property! he didnt do it to spite you or anyone near him. he did it to make his months of work worth something. rather than it being a huge waste of time. besides its illegal, remember? get out of his thread.
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    I have a medicinal license and live in california, it's perfectly legal for me to posses and grow marijuana. He has every right yes, but to go through with it with such disregard for others is just upsetting, he really DOES deserve to be strung up by his male organs for even suggesting it is ok to continue to grow his males to flower outdoors. I've had years where I had nothing but males out of 7 - 15 seeds and I destroyed the males, sucked up my pride and tried again next year. I don't care if he puts months of work into it, that's like saying because the U.S. congressman has spent months on a bill that would kill a million people instantaneusly and it was HIS bill, we should let him go through with it simply cause he put the work into it and doesn't care that people will die. Seriously this guy needs to be chopped in everyway possible and I hope he gets put into his place by some 9foot black guy with a foot long **** in jail, he deserves nothing less.

    Behavior like this is not welcome here. -JD

  11. dude im too high and read like half of this. look, you're trying too hard. oh well what can you do? come into his thread and tell him (whom you dont even know) how much you hate him...... c'mon:rolleyes:........... CHILL THE FUCK OUT! cause if you're that mad, go punch a wall.
  12. lol syner needs to relax. definitely deserved the ban. sent me a private message with like a huge paragraph saying how ignorant my avatar is.

    on a more positive note, how's that hash smokin OP?
  13. thanks dudes that dude was an asshole. the hash is actually pretty good. a lot better than i thought it would be. but its sadly almost gone. i only got about 2 grams of it and i've been conserving it the best i can.
  14. i actually had no idea you could do a single thing with a male plant, other than use its pollen. so im glad i came across this thread.

    but yea man, the conserving game sucks. but its a challenge too, so it can be kinda fun. its a test against your self control, haha. and since more weed is (usually) never too far away, once you get through it, it feels good to know you never ran out completely. because that would suck more :eek:

  15. ok then you have no right to grow outdoors and have your neighbors kid smell the drugs your growing. now he'll grow up to be addicted to meth like we all know weed leads to.
    really chill out gotta expect cewrtain things can happen. and if u get seeds then just like when u get males, suck it up and try again next year. i think i heard some angry stoner say that once......
  16. fellas, i'm certainly no expert, but if you don't let the male plants grow out, that puts a big wrench in the evolutionary gears. If you keep culling out the males, what are you left with? Females with fewer and fewer males to pollinate them to keep the species going. I'm sure the folks over in the Himalayas in ancient times (i've heard this region is where marijuana was first cultivated) didn't mind a few seeds in their bud. I'm growing a male from bagseed. It's probably about 45 days or so into flowering. I'm growing it out to get seeds to start all over again next year. My buddy grew a female right next to mine and he didn't mind at all that he would get some seedy weed. My plant is a very healthy looking breed and grows tall and wide. I'll grow a bunch next year and hopefully get some nice females. Pray for me.

    Either way, think about the ecological implications when you remove males from the natural processes of fertilization that keeps the marijuana species cycling year after year. I suppose you can get feminized seeds from seed banks, and that supply is likely to never run out, but I hope that someone understands where I am coming from.

  17. I Fuckin love your avatar! whats ignorant about it!? if you think the prez is like bush your a racist? lol fuck....

  18. You don't have a good grow spot if you're relatively close to someone else who is growing. Definitely too close if your plants are getting pollinated.
  19. I know this post is a few years old, but I'm hoping people are still interested in helping out with the making of hash from male plants.  I have one male, indoor, in a pot and would hate to throw it out.  I read that hash can be made using male plants, but I'm not sure when would be the right time to start the process.  Should I wait until the sacs open or do I use the entire plant before the sacs do open.  I understand the process on making the hash, I'm just lost as to when to start.  Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.  
  20. a few? lol
    dont do it, get it out immediately. Why would you wait for the sacs to open? thats just asking for seeds in your flowering crop. I would get rid of it ASAP

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