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Hash for the first time.. How to smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by I I11MATIC I, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,
    I've got an 8th of some Hash tonight and I don't know what to do, I've never had it before! 
    I've read that you can smoke it in a joint but it's wasteful, is this true? A joint would be a much easier way to smoke it for me.

  2. Yeah i wouldnt do a joint personally. I would top it on top of a bowl or something.
    Cool, I'll maybe have to make a little bottle bong then!
  4. I tell you how I smoke that bomb.Get some weed or tobacco (only if your a tobacco smoker).Grab about half a gram of it.Now get a lighter and heat it untill you see it start to slightly bubble or melt (not too much,just heat it up).Then drop it into the pile of weed and mix it.It will crumble into small pieces into the pile.If it diden't melt/crumble real good when you mixed it,light the lighter ontop of the weed mixed into the hash that will heat up the whole pile and mix it better again.Then roll the pile up or put it into the bowl.
  5. What kind of hash you got? Any pictures?
    Traditional hashish?  Like import stuff?  Moroccan, Afghani, Lebanese, Nepali?
    Or some pressed kief?  Or just keif?  BHO?  Or ice hash/water hash/bubble hash?  Depending on what you got will depend how you want to consume it.
    I'm really not sure, I'll try get a picture now!
  7. if yu have some flowers as well, pack a small bowl and place a lil piece in the middle
    lightly heat it, don't put the flame to it, and inhale slowly :bongin:
    if you don't have any buds, just substitute with a screen
    There some marking on it, looks like a T - 
    I heated some and it broke up like that, kinda melts -
    I heated some on a piece of metal and inhaled it with a straw and it's worked a bit.. Strong stuff.
  9. yea, it's potent shit.
    a little bit goes a long way. :hippie:
  10. Looks like an import hash for sure.  Is it dry and rock hard? In my experience Lebanese and Afghani have a slick coating on the outside and are more pliable while moroccan is drier and hard as a fuckin rock.
    Smooth Criminal is right.  They call that "feathering" the hash here.  Many people roll and smoke with tobacco.  I prefer to smoke it in a glass bowl by itself.
  11. Go to youtube and look up bottle tokes! It's a little ratchet, but my dad taught it to me. Works pretty well. If you don't have the cigarettes on hand, you can substitute a hot knife for a cigarette

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  12. Yeah it's apparnetly from amsterdam, it's pretty solid and dry!
  13. It's probably Moroccan I was living the south of France and we got kilos and kilos of that stuff coming in. It's really potent. Heat it with a lighter untill it goes a little soft the roll it into tiny little balls and sprinkle it on your joint with some tobacco and smoke 1/3 of the joint you'll be high as fuck. I like it this way cause you can have three sessions on 1 joint. Use about the amount of a piece of chewing gum in the joint (roughly) and 2/3 of a cigarette. The balls should be as small as nerds candy.

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    U can buy one of those xoncentrate pens with a coil attachment if u dont wanna look cracky hotknifing. But I think breaking upnthe hash into the bud for a joint/bong is best.

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