Hash dipped in keif

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Would you still smoke it

  1. F&&k no

  2. Hell yes

  1. I have hash I didn't have anywhere to hide of keep so dropped it in my keif on the bottom of my grinder and and forgot about it for a little awhile and now is fully green with keif
  2. Nice would blaze 4sure. Ay put in the wrong vote taut it sed fuk yes Lol..
  3. You can change it now
  4. IMG_20180211_145019.jpg think I well let it marinate for a few months before I smoke
  5. I intentionally mix Kief and hash it works just fine.
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  6. Looks more like plant matter then Crystals..
  7. It crystals on the bottom but might got some in there it's alright thu still mixing it anyways with weed
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  8. Hash is basically compressed kief. Less the miniscule plant matter. It's like having a bacon sandwich topped with bacon.
  9. Ya sould be good
  10. Was thinking after a layer of keif give it a dip of oil and then another layer of keif
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    IMG_20180213_224008.jpg IMG_20180213_224100.jpg Marinatingng nicely
  12. BrassNwood, Jan 6, 2018
    It's that time again.
    Power shaking rules
    After shake
    GAWD !!!
    I love doing this
    Part of the post shake scraps thawing in the sun.
    I'll decarb and ethanol wash this to tincture.

    kief dipped in kief dipped in. Well you get the idea.
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  13. Here it's too cold to do that outside it's -20 right now lol and this hash well last me for awhile I think

  14. BNW is the king of hash/kief :laughing:
  15. Bro
    A I don't sell keif I just do it when I have time and don't got much time to do that shit like this guys
    And b it's way to cold to do anything here outside
    C I like to still get high when I smoke and not kill my weed and take all the joy out of it

  16. What lol?
  17. It's all home grown and I get to do anything I want with it. LOL it's all for personal medication.
    Where do you see sales ??
    I'll make it all into gel caps and eat 10 or more a day to keep my little medical issue in check. It's not recreation any longer it's my life blood medicine.
    Just wait old age is coming to a body near yours. LMAO Ohh wait it'll be you falling apart all to soon.
    One of the Joys of living in Southern California.
    Green lawns all year round and the coldest it gets still doesn't even put frost on the lawn or roofs in the last decade. 4 outside harvests per year is possible once you get things figured out.
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  18. Ya it's not legal here yes not tell few more months they say lol

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