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Hash + Cigarette ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Inglorious1, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. If i put hash in my cigarette which contains a filter, will it get me high ? Or will the filter do its job and filter out the THC? I want to know so I don't waste any. Also it seems like a great way to smoke has for all those cig smokers ;)
  2. Note : I Think that putting has on the end of a cigarette and taking bottle tokes is totally disgusting even though im a smoker. Dont do it, unless you really dont mind it. Im sure it gets you high but the majority of the smoke your getting is the second hand from the cigarette which most people should know as quite deadly.
  3. a filter's job is not to catch thc, its to filter tar and small particles from getting into your mouth. its not specifically geared to thc at all, so i have no clue why it would effect the potency.

    there was a guy from ireland in my class telling me that all they smoke are spliffs with just tobacco and hash
  4. I used to roll cigarettes (and joints) in hash oil and get high as fuck from it. sure it may not be the most efficient, but it does work.
  5. and to smoke just hash just get a screen and pop it in any piece

  6. Ya but i'm wondering if the filter would stop you from getting THC, i know its not its main purpose. And i'm pretty sure spliffs don't have filters haha, unless they're cardboard .
  7. You could do it with a filter, it sucks though.

    use a cardboard roach or a cigarette tip. (remove the cotton filter and replace it with any of the two)

    i'm assuming you don't have papers but if you do than.......... nough' said.

  8. Pretty sure i know how to smoke hash. that wasnt my question though

  9. I do have papers and many other selections but if i took the filter out of the cigarette it would taste totally disgusting. Are you saying this because you think the cotton will stop you from getting the hi?
  10. Yes, if you leave the filter in, it will also filter out the THC so you wont get high.
  11. I have used filters on hand rolled joints and they do not not effect potency. What I would suggest doing with your hash is turn it into an oil then brush it onto the outside of your ciggerettes.

  12. Actually i do have a lot of experience just not with grass city or smoking hash. Its the first time i've had it in a while and the other times i just smoked it out of a pipe. And by the way i can roll joints perfectly, i just wanted to try something different and didn't know how it'd work.
  13. You should just roll a joint and layer the hash throughout the joint.
  14. Honestly, I'd say that some if caught in the filter. Some tar is, so why not some cannabinoids? Not much though, probably similar to a bong, so minimal. But I feel that it's unpleasant, as in hard to inhale with the filter. I don't know how y'all smoke, but I drag it in as a long inhale, I don't "pump" it in to my mouth like smokers, to then inhale... That's why anyhow...
  15. The best advice I have if you want to do it with a cigarette is cut the filter far enough down to just hang onto it. So there won't be very much filter. I'd just smoke it on a bowl or plain through glass though man... The cigs gonna ruin the taste of the hash,
  16. just take the filter out

  17. DOnt have weed right now just hash.
  18. I put kief in my cigarettes and still get a nice big buzz off of it. The filter probably catches some thc, but from experience, I know it still gets you high.
  19. Yes it will I use to mix weed in with cigs all the time.

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