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Hash Caps

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Royal Kush, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Last night i made an edible that turned two of my roommates retarded. I mean these guys were gone. I asked them what it was on a scale of 1-10 and one answered I have no idea what anything is anymore haha. If you cant sleep consider making these, they were to bed in like 30 minutes. They were also pretty high up untill i last saw them which was a good 18 hours after they ate the caps. so heres how i made them.

    Coconut oil- about a teaspoon so you can fill 4 caps.
    lecethin- just a little drop will do
    hash- i used .25gs of an all kief mini bho extraction

    take these and combined] them in a small pot and heat them on low until all the ingredients fuse together. then put the pot in the freezer to solidify the oil. after it is solid, heat it up again on a low-medium setting for a few minutes. then you can do what ever you want with the oil, you can eat it raw, put it in a milk shake, but i prefer capsules because i dont like the overwhelming weed taste. I hope someone tries this and reports back, cause it leaves you BAKED:confused:
  2. I did a quick & dirty today. .7gr of crumbled bubble hash in 2Tblsp Jif. Combined in a shot glass placed in sauce pan with 3/4" water slow boiling. Stir with tiny spoon for 10 minutes, rapid cool, drizzle on whole grain toast. I haven't been this stoned in weeks.
  3. Hash edibles get you so much more.
  4. Here's "The Quick & Dirty"

    .5 Gr bubble hash heated in glass for 10 min. smash & crumble. Add PB so shot glass is half full. Simmer & stir 20 minutes then drizzle on Toast.

    Got me high as fk yesterday, just made another. Gonna play WoW & vape, now I'm set. Oh yeah, threw in a Pineapple Xpress I got goin.

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  5. how do you get the oil into the capsules? what size capsules do you use, and how many do you take?
  6. Would this still work without freezing it?

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