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Hash Caps, I might be high forever.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IDKidea, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Made hash oil capsules last weekend and finally had occasion to try them out. Intense couch-lock happened on the porch outside, so rolled a joint to motivate myself to move around. Beautiful weather, so took to the road on my bike and rode around for a few hours. Blazed out of my mind the entire time.

    That was five hours ago now, and I'm still going strong. I don't think that I want to stop feeling like this. It's pretty dang convenient.

    I might be done with smoking and just stick to these caps. :yummy:

  2. More power to ya man!
  3. damn i would love some of those
  4. Those look like fun. I've had some sativa hash capsules before. Man... Good times. Such a punch in a small capsule.
  5. It really does last a long time. I have some hash honey oil candies and I wake up still high the next morning.
  6. Are these BadKitty's recipe? :D
  7. Damn wish i had some of these for my days off when i go to the beach all day or when i go disc golfing. Very nice man, plus rep.
  8. How potent are they?
  9. shut up...
    and take my money

  10. Very potent. Every movement I make has an added weight to it, and I'm completely oblivious to discomfort. I'm in a pretty good mood, it feels like when I smoked some of the first times, only it's lasting many many more hours.

    I have 28 of these left, and I'll probably be making another much larger batch again soon. I have over 200 of a weaker recipe that my friends really enjoy, myself not so much.

    Very discreet.
  11. idk about high forever my tolerance skyrockets from hash oil but it's so good

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