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Hash Brownie recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Chapney, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Yo guys,

    I'm gonna make my first batch of brownies today and really looking forward to it. I am using this recipe -
    You don't have to smoke it - you can eat it

    Does this recipe look decent, as I don't want to waste loads of hash on a poor recipe lol

  2. This recipe misses a crucial step- decarbing the hash, though it sounds like a delicious recipe. Brownies made from scratch are the best for sure. I decarb my hash as I would bud. 40 minutes at 240F. You can also follow BKS's recipe for decarbing hash. It's an ambitious undertaking, please let us know the results. Good luck and happy eating!
  3. Would you consider decarbing the hash a crucial step? That benefits does it have?
  4. Yes it's a crucial step. The benefits are fully activating the THC into a form your body can process. Granted by cooking in your brownie mix some decarbing will still take place, however for it to come close to activating all of the THC it would have to cook for a long time. Look at all the old school cannabutter recipe's that call for anywhere from 12-24 hours of cooking. By decarbing for 20-40 minutes you can activate all the THC (or most anyway) in a much shorter time.

    Honestly IMO I would swap out the butter for coconut oil & try to find some soy lecithin. I would then go to the BadKitty's Canna Pharm thread stickied at the top of this forum. The first post is a recipe for oil for caps, I would follow that recipe to make some cannaoil & use that in place of the butter, you'll get more doses per your amount of hash that way, again IMO.

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