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Hash Bash 2014

Discussion in 'General' started by CelticsFan9, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. I recently got my med card here in Michigan, and I live in Ann Arbor, so I plan on going to the hash bash next spring. Just wondering if anyone here has ever went and what was it like.

    I've heard that they don't mind people smoking during the event, but I've also read that people have been arrested for it. I plan on taking a few friends and a couple joints and having a good time.

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  2. That sounds fun. Besides the being arrested part. Id love me a hash bash
  3. bring some joints but don't spark up until you know your good, or smoke before you go.
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    If I was you I would roll some cigarettes with hash in them
    Edit: I agree with the above poster, just get high before. I would recommend an edible though since you can buy them now and they last for hours.
  5. I'm from around there too. Yeah you can smoke just watch not to get on the university property which then would be a federal crime. Ann arbors marijauna laws are pretty lax, with a first offense being a civil infraction ticket of 25 dollars with a 20 dollar "processing" fee. Just stay in groups, use your gut, stay off federal property and watch for undercover cops. And you'll be fine.
  6. yo i live in GR i never heard about this, and wanna go

    worlds are cages, for ideas
  7. I went for my first time last year and didn't like it. Yeah, it was cool smoking at the Diag with my group of friends and yelling "hell yeah" when the speakers would say "legalize it now" and "it's safer than alcohol." The Monroe Street fair: it was cool to sit on the grassy area with a bunch of people, but the bands were terrible and played cheesy music.
    But the one thing I didn't like from it was all of the trashy druggies from Downriver who were in attendance. Hash Bash doesn't represent Ann Arbor people, imo. A majority of them were from Taylor and Romulus. It's basically a white trash convention. Plus, the most disturbing thing was seeing these people bringing their kids and little babies in strollers to this event. As much as I love herb, if I had kids I would never bring them to an event like that. I was hoping that the clientele for the most part would be a bunch chill hippie and AA folks, but instead it was a gathering of the trailer park residents. I don't know if I'll be going this year.
    If you attend, bring joints only. DO NOT BRING PARAPHERNALIA (bowls, bongs, bubblers.) Although weed is decriminalized in the city of Ann Arbor, paraphernalia isn't. I witnessed 3 dumbasses think i would be okay to light up a Phire bong at the Monroe Street fair and they all got arrested. 
  8. just take a quick look around....aslong as your not within like 20 feet of a cop they wont bother you....also try to stick with the big crowds....
    usually open smoking at Monroe St. (Monroe St. fair a big part of the party) and usally in the main crowd at the speakers events.
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