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Hash and Pollen

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by afganman1, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So you screen all your bud leaves and all the trics make a powder. So this "Hash" powder can be stored? do you have to heat it and press it to store it? Will the powder or the pressed form rot, mold, ect?? Anyway to be sure that the moisture is low enough for long term storage?

    Also how do you know when pollen is ready on a male? How long do they take to mature so you can use it. Thanks
  2. That "Hash" powder is called keif its not hash, no u dont have to heat it or press it. Most people collect it after harvests, (u might actually be able to press it...) but no it wont rot, mold or go bad
  3. In Afganistan they screen leaves through silk screen to make "HASH". Kief is just a word for what is left after you finish your bud at the bottom of the box. If you do not agree then please tell me the definition of Hash? Or go look up the youtube afgan has making process. Been making hash over there for a long long time. So not sure you are right about the rot or mold that may take place if to much moisture is left behind. So my question still stands. Anyone else. Thanks... Also the male pollen q too...?

  4. These terms have changed very slightly over the years, but as it stands:

    Kief: The "crystals" that drops off your weed after being ground/trimmed/etc.. These are usually a gold color and very small with powdery texture. Kief is generally sprinkled on top of bowls and smoked. One could think of Kief as un-processed hash.

    Hash: Processed kief in large amounts. Color ranges from light brown to black because of the ruptured trichomes. Processing is done by heating, pressing, and/or micro filtration. Generally comes in small "chunks", powder, or oil. Can be smoked by itself or added to a bowl for an extra kick.
  5. this man is correct.

    kief is sort of in a way like dry hash. they even have grinders with 'kief collectors'. it collects all the fine powder and crystals that fall from the buds from grinding. usually very potent since it's pretty much the best part of your buds. i personally enjoy smoking a hit at a time in a water bong.

  6. if by "use it" you mean use it to pollinate a female, im not 100% sure, but if you mean to smoke and make hash out of, you cant use male pollen to make hash, its not the same as kief

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