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  1. so yesterday i decided to get drunk off of my ass.

    came home fucked up...

    passed out until 4 in the morning when i woke up.sober.
    as i was tryin to fall back asleep somethin odd happend.
    its happened before once but that was during a very weird time...
    i get a paralyzed feeling and cant move or breath at all
    and i start to go into a nightmare.
    the first nightmare i had was of me waking up covered in bugs,
    in my mouth,eyes,all over my bed and body,i then fell out of my bed.
    when i hit the ground i awoke covered in sweat.
    i was a little shakey but tried to sleep again.
    the samething happened only a different nightmare.
    i hear chanting...from a deep voice and i open my eyes(in my dream...i think) and a hand is hovering over my face followed by a very dark image..i was terrified.i awoke again covered in sweat.
    the chanting dream has happened before but it was different this time around..

    mmm creepy stuff.i was finally able to get back to sleep,but i woke up hearing shit in the basement.

    creepy stuff right there.
    ive encountered a demon some years back...

    i have a suspiscion its returned...that scares me shitless.
  2. What was your experience with a demon like?
    Was it in your dreams?
    Or while you were awake?
  3. i was asleep and then attacked,i awoke to being thrown into my closet door and damaging it and lying on the floor convulsing and all i could see was a white flash over my eyes and some scary ass growling.
    i was scared outta my mind.after i stoppd convulsing i saw a shadow run upstairs i went up there and no one cept my sleepin dad was there.

    i dont understand.
  4. ^whoa.. wtf? crazy stuff..
  5. how about some advice please dammmmmmmit
  6. Try smoking a little.
    Stay up, take some rips, watch something like Nick @ Night, or something that won't get you scared at all.
    Drink some warm milk or maybe have a bowl of icecream.
    Get yourself so exhausted that you can't even imagine sleeping a little bit.
    Get in bed, play some soft music, maybe keep a light on, or sleep next to a pet..
    And sleep all the scary shit away.
    EDIT: Oh, and about the demons, I have no good advice. Sorrry :(

  7. if its "him"

    he will go away.

    but im to scared to sleep.
    but your right,inb 15 minutes ill be smokin a J with my friend JACK.
    itll calm my mind.
    if i have more nightmares or any other wierd shit happens ill post.
  8. man that shit is fucked up
  9. It's just a dream man, my advice-forget about it
  10. Sounds like a bad dream mixed with sleep paralysis.

    Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain is awakened from an REM state into essentially a normal fully awake state, but the bodily paralysis is still occurring. This causes the person to be fully aware, but unable to move. In addition, this state is usually accompanied by certain specific kinds of hallucinations.
  11. Freaky shit like that does happen, I think there is some crazy unexplained evil shit out there.
  12. If i were you i would just spend a couple of nights at my friends house, have some company, and just have a good time that should take your mind off your bad drems.
  13. man im stoned and just reading that shit gives me the chills
  14. That same shit happened to my dad b4, Every night he slept on this couch something grabbed him and through him across the room. Just ignore it the best u can. "he' stopped once he'll stop again. Also, you said that it ran upstairs. Maybe if u confront him/it it will leave u alone entirly, But if u try that u better have some brass ones.
  15. Sounds like you should put down the crack pipe... jks But yeah nightmares suck.
  16. demons scare the shit out of me ive had far too many experiances with them but nothing as you have descriped only figures going around corners religous items in my house going missing and turning up in the oddest places shit failing at night and once i saw 7-8 cloaked figures in my living room dancing. it still gives me the chills just thinking about it

  17. i dont understand waht that means relally cause im high but i had a dream .. maybe it was real.. where i was asleep could breath layin in bed then woke up to dad callin my name from behind me so my back was to him
    and i couldnt turn my head or body to tell him im awak e and i coudlnt talk.. then i dont reallyl what rember happend after that..
  18. My grandfather was a preacher who had several expirences with exorsisms and shit. Though I do not believe in the divinity of Jesus, his stories still scare me.

    He was doing an exorsism to a man, who was struggling to get rid of the demon. The demon fought him so hard that deep furrows like claws were cutting him, and he bled. And nearly died. They took him to the hospital, and they really couldnt explain that a demon attacked him. The doctor said that the claw shape and cut matched that of a tiger claw. Pretty fucking scary.
  19. hmm try not to drink to the point u pass out first of all....

    secondly ALOT of nightmares are caused from pressure points when you sleep (ei: your legs on eachother and cutting off blood)
    Im guessing when you were drunk you fell asleep in wierd positions.
  20. its all good now.

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