Has your growing made others interested in growing?

Discussion in 'General' started by mjboy, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. OK well ive been growing for a little over a year and have gotten 2 people to start growing and so far have been pretty consistent and getting more and more into it. SO im asking how many of your friends have picked up our hobby since you got into it??
  2. for sure, by the time i was out of highschool me and my buddy had a a pretty big grow op going, i started growin herb my sophomore yr in highschool and its been free nugs ever since. growing is the only way to go.
  3. i Dont tell my friends really lol, except one, and hes not able to grow due to location.
  4. I'm actually a subscriber to the practice of not telling a living soul that you're growing. Except my cat...but he's got my back fo' sho' (I hope)
  5. yea i know about that rule but my boys found out on their own going into my garage so i couldnt do anything but explain lol

    so now they are doing the same thing
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    I learned my lesson to not tell anybody about growing.

    They WILL fuck you over if they really want to.

    It's flawless....weed is just a plant with bunch of $100 hanging on the stems and it's in middle of nowhere. How could you catch anybody stealing it?
  7. only if your hangin' with shiests. true friends join the operation or start their own.

  8. yea these are people i trust with my life. not teenage friends. were in our late 20's. Ive known them for over 13 years now and have done plenty of dirt together. so its good
  9. i got a few people intersted in growing, but i used to talk about it all the time.

    i was lucky, very very very lucky. i lived with 3 people, and we started a grow together. we were friends, but living together and going to school together and being around each other all the time, we ended up hating each other. after the first grow they moved out and i kept growing, then we stopped talking. they could have fucked my shit over sooo bad, i am ver greatful they didn't and so based on that i will never tell another living soul about anything illegal i do.
  10. i dont th ink theres a single pothead on earth that isnt interested in growing, but some people just dont have the resources and/or location (i.e. rental home where landlord comes by every so often, parents wont allow it)

    edit: hey mjboy, what does it say under iDont in your avatar?

    edit 2: wait i think i can read it, think it says iDont give a fuck
  11. growing is more than just growning. When i was 15 me and my friend were convinced that we could grow a couple of plants in his house without anyone finding out. For us it turned into a hobby. Then they started getting big and started to actually smell like weed. One day we decided move them from a closet to a bathtub and his parents found them.
  12. No one ever knew I grew.

    So therefore, no.
  13. you got it right lol
  14. vise versa. my friends first couple plants got me so fascinated by growing. tho ive yet to start due to living with rents.

    but yes 'growing' is a trend spread around from stoner groups to stoner groups.
  15. Yes I am sure of it.
  16. I have gotten at least 4 people to start growing.!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPREAD THE LOVE!:smoking:

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