Has Weed made you more succesful?

Discussion in 'General' started by ejean, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. i just started smoking about a month ago, I noticed that something's are changing. I'm more interested in different types of music, I'm more open minded and understanding, i like healthier foods more now and i'm kind of doing better at school. When i'm baked i think about the universe, space, and the stars i think that's what i need to focus on in life??.. does anyone agree?

    and please explain how has weed made you more successful or changed you're life in positive way's.
  2. It does open your mind, yes. Does it make you more successful? No, not really. It's up to the individual as to what they do themselves that can make them successful. I drove myself to defy the stereo type. Then I used it as a tool in my spiritual journey. I've been successful in both. Neither were an effect of the weed, simply the weed was a catalyst for achieving something that was inherent in me.
  3. Hahaha I love threads like this
  4. Yea its nice to blaze and think about space and aliens and spacealiens. Spaliens
  5. Nope.

    Weed hasn't changed me.

    I've always been this awesome :cool:
  6. yes without a doubt. Started smokin weed right after a semester where I got a 2.8 GPA. Started tokin' daily past 3 semesters averaged out 3.8 GPA. Got an A on all 4 of my midterms this term as well, I find that I'm 100x more motivated. Same goes for athletics, working out etc. Big progress there, too high to detail it :(

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