Has Weed Made Me Delusional ? ?

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  1. I'm 19, started growing and smoking at 15 , smoked about 5g a day every day all day until about 8 months ago I stopped so that I could get a job etc and get life back on track , I now have a girlfriend, job etc. And just started growing again but I feel like I'm just kidding myself and I really want to go to southern spain , sleep rough , and grow weed . Ill either find people that already grow weed or start my own farm . I have 10k english pounds saved up . Am I being stupid or shud I just follow my heart ? My head tells me its a stupid idea but I think about it every day and feel I would be soso hapy to be soso free . My parents said they would b cool with me going off to spain so there really is nothing stopping me other than I feel its so socially like unaxcepted . Ps. I'm not a loner , a wierdo or anything , I go out with my mates twice a week we go clubbing etc I'm a normal kid , but I feel like this life just isn't me and I don't want to keep pretending I'm someone that I'm not . I'm a happy at heart . What u guys think should I just go spain ? I'd rather be freezing cold searching for scraps of food than waking up at 6am and going to fu****g again . Its all so pointless and I don't care for material things at all really . I just want good friends , my health , a dog , and to enjoy the little things in life and do as I wish . What u guys think ? I'm not joking I'm being serious I want to go live in bushes etc and travel around smoking weed , even if I didn't have weed I would still love it just meeting new people and feeling free . What u guys think shud I do it ?
  2. Btw I meant waking up at 6am and going to fu****g work , work is just a tedius boring worthless waste of time that we are told to do because we are told it will bring happiness . I would rather help others than earn 25k a year buying myself pointless sh*t like a new car and stuff that I really really do not need
  3. I want the shit you're smokin.
  4. Hahhaha its just some homegrown white widow mixed with sour d bho oil , and 8 beers . serious tho , shud I do it ?
  5. Follow your dreams if you don't enjoy it you can always come back to where you are now. I mean if you really want to and it won't have any negative side effects then try it. It's one of those things that will bother you if ya never do it.
  6. Dark waves , I love u . Just texted my nan telling her I'm going to pop round hers tomorrow and talk about travelling plans I have . She used to live in spain so I'm going to ask her about healthcare etc and get the ball rolling . Modern life is too shallow , vein , tedius and boring for me . A motto I kind of made to live my life by is '' if you can't make a good movie out of your life once its over, you had a shit life '' weather that means you end up dead in a ditch somewhere in prison for the rest of your life, as long as it was an amazing time before that then it was so worth it . Btw I'm trying to say 'yolo' , I punch cu**s in the face that say yolo . Such a fag expression
  7. I mean I'm NOT trying to say yolo , god I'm so fucking drunkhigh
  8. i wanted to do the same shit but im kind of scared to come home a bum. i was gonna sell my truck (which is basically my money maker) and go travel the west coast.i think you should do it, i feel like a bitch for not going. also i want to go somewhere doper then the west coast...like europe... do that shit brah
  9. although, i do think it is a pretty nutty idea.
  10. Ye aznoodles , I think I just got to grow a pair of balls , man up , and do it . I been wanting to do this kind of thing ( not this exact spain thing ) since I was about 16 so that's 3 years . I don't really have a strong relationship with my parents so if I came home a bum they wouldn't help me out so I wouldn't bother asking .I would prefer to move over to cali or some other state with the same liberal weed laws and nice weather , but I'm from the uk so staying in the eu has a lot of advtages for me . If I went to the usa I'd b there illegally , despite I guess that wouldn't mater if I was living 'off the grid' as it were . I'm not afraid of crime either , I don't have a criminal record but if done a few bad things here and there and got warnings etc so if shit got real bad I could always rely on my 'dark side' haha , nothing cruel tho, just crime that has no victim .if everyone followed there dreams this world be such a cool place , or a complete worzone I guess haha . Stoners should come together and buy a tropical island and form a new country .thres probably enough people that wud want to di it haha Would b so dope . N e way I'm being ridiculous now haha . This forums so cool , full of so many like minded people . Would b dope if there was a grasscity rave or something . U guys supply the erb ill supply the molly :p
  11. i hear backpacking in the Uk is more chill than in the US.America is pretty dangerous i would assume in the city. plus, the sight seeing, and green places to sleep would be better out there. Cop's do like to fuck with back packers and hitch hikers though, so carrying drugs is not so chill idk. Do your home work before you leave IF you decide to leave. but sitting around just talking about it will make your vision fade away so...if your gonna do it do it. it's sad but im addicted to the dollar. i want to go on this trip so bad but i also want to be a success real bad. if you got no priorities right now that you cant come back to, then go! i kept planning but now im running a business. i still plan to go but i want to be financially stable since im finally getting out of rock bottom. sounds like you got your shit together man but dosent sound like you planned very much. do that.
  12. Honestly after i finish my  degree i plan on back packing from Us West Coast all the way around to the west coast again :smoke: it's something i always dreamed of and by then i should be accomplished and well off enough to make it happen. Live the dream my friends!
  13. Yea man I've literallyt done like no plannings its that last month I was promoted to head chef at the resteraunt I work at , and I thought that would make me really happy , and it did for a couple weeks but now once again I feel really empty . I earn 25k a year , after tax I get about 19 grand a year with other expendetures and bonuses here and there , and I live at home still so have no bills to pay and that's how I have been able to save up 10 grand . The only problem with backpacking in the uk is that you can't really grow weed out here , well, I suppose you can , but I'm guessing it could b very difficult as our weather can b unpredictable . However I have seen friends grow 1 pound plants out here , planting in late may and harvesting in late september . I know its sad to have weed as such a vital part of my travelling plan but I do feel very strongly about it . Spain however , has soooooo many english people living there and is one of the best countries to grow erb . I live in london , in the south east of england so its one of the hottest parts of england I supose , and despite london can often get a bad reputation in certain areas such as brixton , peckham and general east london , its still a very safe city . And countryside is never far away . Weed prices here are good if your selling too , you can easily sell at ten uk pounds a gram in most places . I have 12 plants in veg indoor right now , I may take all of them out and plant them outside and if they seem to be doung well , leave home and look after the plants and then next year do it on a bigger yet not unrealistic scale . I'm very good at growing for my age so they have a good chance providing there are no harsh frosts in october / september . I think what I see of california etc on tv is better that what it really is in the real world . I shall plant them outdoors in a couple weeks once they are stronger . The best best thing would be to b able to grow weed consistantly in the uk outdoor , despite I probably have enoug money to rent a apartment and start doing an indoor operation but that is pretty risky . I have heared that green house seed company in amsterdam used to grow outdoor and they are at a higher latitude than me so on paper I can grow happily here . However for some reason all weed in uk is indoor grown . And in the uk its so easy to get benefits , which is like getting money from the government for no reason , so I'd always b safe . Cheers man , just typing all this on my phone is helping think evreything out for myself haha
  14. I would do it man, sounds like its what you want.
  15. 1 last thing though dude. you said you still live at home no judgement but im not really sure how much of real life you have seen and how cold is it is.Remember this is real life and not a movie. It's a cold world out there dude and if you do plan to go man, remember theres killers out there and just a bunch of crazy people and shit could happen. hobos drug addicts could mug you too. you could get eaten by racoons. you could come home a broke bum. but if you survive, it will be so worth it.good luck with whatever you decide to do dood.
  16. Ye man I agree I haven't seen the whole world , however the people I hang around with aren't exactly the most we'll behaved people , ( hence I'm on this site growing weed ) , a lot of them have been into either juvinale prison or actual prison , and I myself up until about last year when I took my chef career seriously used to be a little bastard . I'm not saying I'm 'hard' or anyrhing but there are definatelt softer people out there , and I did live on my own for 4 months until I got kicked out my apartment because of complains from neighbours for noise , and having a dog which I was not allowed as part of my tenancy agreemant. So I am not blind to the fact that a lot of people are fu**ers but in the uk , its fairly easy to stay out of . Because I live in london its very easy to get involved with selling weed etc but you only have to move a few miles out to the middle claSs areas and its impossible to find trouble . I am not naïve at all . My only worry is that in my mind , and on paper , everythings seems like it would work out fine , more or less . However I have a gut feeling that something , some strange thing , would happen that would ruin my plans and make me want my old job back . I gues ill never know until I try . Ill go see my nan tomorrow and see what she thinks about it
  17. And I forgot to say , I really apreciate your replies , I should take more time out to reply to others on this site rather than ask questions , cheers for your time mate
  18. so you really really dont need a car or job?  must be nice in paradise
  19. I definately don't need my car , its such a drain on my income becausof insurance and public transport here is , to be honest , amazing . Income ofcourse is needed however I figured I could sell wee, get odd jobs or bar jobs , seeing sa last year I worked weekends at a bar so I'm likely to be able to get another job. Then again I could just go on benefits from the government but I feel that's dirtier than going out robbing houses , claiming money off the government isn't my thing .despite they r fuc**s
  20. Yeah man think all of this through over a few times and if that's what will make you happy, go do it and try it out for a while, and if you don't like it you just come back. It's better than being unhappy all the time just for a paycheck and always wondering.

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