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Has weed ever reversed a bad day?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kiki Jikki, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. I was having a terrible day today until I found half of a fat ass blunt in my car. Apparently I dropped it while smoking a couple weeks back. My day took a U-turn, and it was sunnyville ever after.

    Has this ever happened to you, GC?
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    Hell yea man!

    Edit: Even though I don't like to use weed as a mood adjuster (it makes me feel like some addict)
    It really has sometime really reversed a day that was is just going completely downhill.

    Like after a 8 hour shift at work the first thing I always do is smoke a sweet.

  3. I was hoping for a story thread.
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    yea man it always does,if im having a bad day or am feeling irritable ill just smoke a little bit and it will give me a whole new outlook on the situation or the day.

    EDIT:today for example i come home from a hard day of working in a 100 degress factory and was like "man this place blows im fucking quiting."i get home smoke a bowl and now i changed my mind not to quit and just tough it out.
  5. My days tend to run together anymore its tough to say really..its just like one big blur of ecstacy and chronic :cool:

    ..on topic: yes it can make your day better
  6. Damn. I remember once my girlfriend of two years broke up with me.

    I was depressed as fuck. Then, me and Mary Jane had a date.

    I ended up getting pussy from Mary Jane.:smoking:
  7. at first i was like:(
    but then i was like:smoke: :D :hello:
  8. Yup whenever I'm having a bad day I toke up and life is all good :smoking:

    Just last night me and a friend were taking a walk and we found 4g of beautiful dank buds on the ground, needless to say our day took a turn for the better...
  9. i prefer not to smoke if i am feeling low, the herb intensifies my emotions and makes me think about it more. but of course weed has always been there and its a gentle comfort i've grown accustomed to but not dependent on.
  10. Well if you insist....

    I had got caught smoking at school ( I know dumb)
    ANYWAY I went to jail for the night even though I could have avoided it, but since my step dad was/is a complete douche he told them to take m to fucking jail!:eek:

    Afterward after my mom came and got me out, I was still too pissed about what had happened the day before. So as soon as I got to my mom's house I rolled up a fucking fat ass Swisha and proceeded to blow down.

    Though my mom did come out outside and freak all over again and I was like" mom did I tell you how I ended up in jail truly?"
    After I told her she got all pissed at my stepdad and was completely oblivious to my smoking then. :smoke:
  11. You found 4g ON THE GROUND?

    What if its laced, dude?!

  12. How did that happen?
  13. Definitely :cool:
    Always helps any mood :D
  14. Well this one redneck friend I had (it's not an insult)
    came up to me and asked in the middle of the empty hallway if I wanted to smoke some dro outside.
    I was like wtf yeah man:eek:
    Cuz dro where I use to live was very rare to come by. Least it was for me.

    Anyway instead of going over the levy like we knew we shoulda done and it being only like 5 mins to next class we decided to take a couple quick hits then head inside.

    I got stoned as fuck offa them little hits of the dro.
    Well I was thinking we got away clean as fuck but in 8th period I get called to the office and I'm like " SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!"

    Turns out like three people went into the cop office inside our school and snitched me the fuck out saying I smelled like it, I was pissed and they had brought my other friend before me and he obviously didn't know not to self incriminate and had slid me the fuck in there too so I was pretty fucked either way.

    I wanted to kick that kid's ass but I moved away the next day after jail.
  15. fail it was a joke, sense of humor of a brick much?
  16. Yes it helps me get in the mood.

  17. It wasn't a funny joke. Go troll another thread.
  18. of course i wouldnt smoke weed if it didnt make me feel good

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