Has Weed Ever Made You..

Discussion in 'General' started by Enemizz, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Realize what you actually need to do to be successful in life? Like I took a break from smoking then started up again and this time, I actually started to take my life seriously and figured out what I need to do to get on the right path. It's like I grew up a little bit, and finally realize that I can't be doing the same thing I was doing in high school or what ever.

    I'm 20 right now and I had to take 2 semesters off at the college I'm attending because I was being dumb and not doing what I need to do.. But I some how finally decided what I need to do to get back on the right check. Basically the herb gave me a fucking reality check and smacked me around a bit and told me to straighten up.

    Well I plan on doing this summer classes here at my local community college so I can do good enough to get back in the University. And actually do good in the classes and not half ass everything like I have been doing for the pass year. Get a job so I can have a little extra money on the side for the herb of course. Basically try to go hard and give 100% in what ever I do.. Whether that's my job, playing basketball, and doing school work.

    No more bullshit from me GC.. I'm getting too old for this procrastinating shit. Bout to get my life straight, and actually make a difference. So has weed ever gave anyone else a reality check?? Please Respond lol
  2. I've had solo sessions where I will just sit and contemplate the steps I need to take to be successful. So weed has definitely in some ways given me a reality check and helped me plan out the course I need to take in life so I can live comfortably and grow some bomb weed.
  3. Yup help me realize how I was wasting my time in school. So I quit now am starting up my own Collective(LEGALLY in coop with the SD PD hopefully). Money is all people care about sigghh...
  4. It helped me understand the metric system.
  5. Helped me a lot with stuff like that, a lot, a lot, alot, a lot, a lot, a lot
  6. perseverance and a systematic plan are all you need to be successful, weed makes me realize that achieving a million dollars isn't too hard, and can be broken down into steps, but all that is required is self discipline. if you try you can do anything realistic.

  7. That's exactly how I see it
  8. when im high im always active or down to do something rather than being a couch potatoe
  9. Yeah, this happens to me, although it's mostly ideas when it happens. I like to use weed to gain the insights, then spend the time putting them into practice sober. Weed's great for generating ideas but it can make you too lazy to follow through with them, when used excessively at least.
  10. smoking has helped me slow down and evaluate what's important and what's not. I've had really bad anxiety for years. when I started smoking regularly, I was able to focus so much more. I can't explain how positive it's been for me. i'm working more than I ever have, and enjoying it so much more. my body looks better because my workouts are harder. my skin looks better. lol... sorry. I vered off.
  11. Good shit my man glad I'm hearing this, Weed has me figure out what problems and what I need to do to solve them; make sure you don't let obstacles come in your from getting to your goals and procrastination isn't a good thing used to do that in H.S. but now I do my work first before I do pleasure.
  12. Through the unlocking nature of weed and the poignant words of fellow blades i've come to the personal conclusion life is about being happy, not about material success. For example, if you're happy working 9-5 for minimum then you have a successful life, because you're happy.

    However, most people wouldn't be happy with this lifestyle, so they are motivated to get that good job, good car, good house. But these objects may make your life easier and more comfortable but not necessarily happier.

    I can guarantee you that the guy who works the nightshift at KFC but has a healthy relationship will be 10x happier than the single guy who lives alone, but makes a 100k a year.

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