Has weed ever cockblocked you?

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  1. I was at this party last night, I didn't have that much to drink but I smoked a shit ton. There were a bunch of people at the party that wanted me to smoke with them and a lot I hadn't seen/smoked with in a while so I just kinda kept smoking.

    So by the time most people left and we're sitting in a room smoking hookah, the fact that I have/smoke weed comes up, this hot guy across from me looks up and asks me if I wanna go smoke. Neither of us had enough to smoke everyone out so he asked if I wanted to just smoke with him, like yeah are you down? Then a couple other people asked to come and I just looked at him and shrugged, as we're walking out the door he handed his friend who wanted to come his cup and gave him a look, then my friend tried to follow and he closed the door in front of her, hahahaha. So basically I damn well knew what was expected to happen.

    So we go in my car and smoke a couple of bowls and talk a bit, and by now I realize we should hook up and that I want to hook up with him, but I was so damn burnt after smoking all day I couldn't move or think or make it apparent that I wanted to an eventually we just went back inside.

    Goddamnit now I'm mad at myself cause he was hot and I've wanted a new guy to chill with for a while. Maybe I'll just add/message him on FB like heyyy. gahhh so angry. hahaha
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    may be a stupid question, but are you a guy or girl?
  3. I hate girls who won't let their boyfriends smoke weed. My bud's girl wouldn't fuck him until he quit, that was like two years ago. Poor pussy whipped bastard.
  4. short answer.. no
  5. I wouldn't say "cockblock" me per say, as that would require me to possess some mental excitement over the idea of sex and then be shut down in some way, shape, or form.

    However, if I'm smoking late at night I can sometimes simply get too tired, or too "out of it" to really desire having sex. It irritates my girlfriend at times, because she'll be "expecting" to have sex.

    Oh well, not much I can do, haha.
  6. I'm a girl, haha

    Yeah it sucked cause in my mind I'm like wow you're hot I'd totally hook up with you, but my body was like too lazy to do anything about it. Bleh.
  7. Well then you didn't get cockblocked, you got twatswatted.
  8. Never had experience where I was too high to hook up with a girl but, one night it pretty much did.

    I was at this party and believe me I was fiending hard I really wanted to smoke, once the weed finally started burning this girl came up to me while we were smoking and and I didn't want to because I wanted to keep smoking.
  9. yeah man

    had a hottie all up on me and i didnt do shit

    cause id drank like a bottle of tequila and smoke a fatty to the dome. damn i was mad when i woke up
  10. Only ugly girls smoke where I'm from.. Can't tell you how many times a girl wouldn't date or do anything with me because I smoke.. Damn bitches think drinking is better? So in that sense yeah weed has cockblocked me. I get horny as hell when I'm blazed so I don't it ever being a problem
  11. If you're a girl and you don't like the fact I smoke then I don't like you.

    My roommate next year's girlfriend hates weed and he smokes and he also cheats on her. I am actually fine with that since she's a bitch about weed.

  12. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

  13. It's never cockblocked me in the sense that I had no desire, but there was a time when I was talking to a girl at the bar and after a little bit my buddy comes around asking if I want to head to his house and get baked. I did. Next day the girl I was talking to told me she was really disappointed I didn't come to a party after the bar where most of my friends went.

    Another time I had a party, and this girl I was talking to really wanted to smoke, but she didn't have any and was from out of town. I spent most of the night trying to get ahold of my dealer because I was out, but she left before my dealer finally got me some, so I just baked with him.
  14. Dang , you should wanna hook up with a person because of their personality . Not because they're hot and want to smoke you out so they can have sex with you :/
  15. hahaha If you hadn't already told me otherwise. This would have given me the impression that you're male.

  16. lol your in san diego? Not everyone's like you.

    One time I was partying and was pretty drunk. Some girl wanted to go fuck at someones house, but my old friend had just got there from outta town and sparked a blunt. I had been sober for a month but got laid a few nights ago. So I chose the blunt. :smoking::D:hello:
  17. She made it seem like she wanted to go out with him as in make him her bf at the end . That's what I was meaning by hook up , not hook up as fuck . xD my bad bro , should've probably made myself more clear
  18. Shit.. I hate ignorant girls... Haha.
  19. Yeah dude. Partly because I blew her off for like 4 hours twice to smoke. Partly because she "didnt like my personality while high" which is a lie because she never knew til I told her

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