Has this happened to YOU?

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  1. im sure it has but lets talk about it anyways.

    the friends who are EX smokers who now try to convince you that its bad becaue THEY had bad experiences with it? way lame, and their arguments are the likes of " YOU CANT DRIVE WHILE HIGH, THIS IS BAD FOR YOU "


    fuckin pathetic.

    and there is no way to even try to explain them the true nature of this herb , because it bypasses like no other.
  2. its happened to me countless amounts of times but usually with kids who have never tried it... saying bullshit like oh why waste youre money its a waste of time blah blah blah

    what pisses me off i had this friend named steve in sophomore year and he always used to rag on me for smoking saying it was gonna ruin my lungs ( i swim so my lungs are pretty nice haha ) all this bullshit

    then senior year i go to a party and this kid is ripping a bong!!!!
    and i completelly called him out on it and he was just stupid high like " I didnt know it was this good!!!" w/e haha im mad chill with him now since hes a stoner now but still it makes me mad that kids that dont even try it knock it
  3. yea man, its just ignorance, its fucked up. Especially when they run their mouths like they watched a bunch of fuckin DARE ads and did a essay on those adds, then presented it to me.
  4. driving high is bad for you, and everyone else on the road. i know, i do it.
  5. i know, thats not the point i was tryng to make , because its bad to drive on any type of drug , thats a given, but they were trying to use that as their main evidence on why weed should be illegal for example,
  6. not really but my friend whose a girl should work for the lil commericials they do on weed cause she HATES it and i hate that she hates it cause she drinks and i always tell er people die more from drinking, people's lives are ruined from drinking etc. hopefully she tries it on her own one day or sumthin i wouldnt wanna pressure her into and shit
  7. its not the substance, its the (ab)user
  8. Damn. I hate those kind of people. They stop smoking the herb (why the hell would you do that anyway?) and then pretend they're something better than you because of it..... Really, all they're doing is making sweet Mary Jane responsible for they're own stupidity, so dont let em get to you.
  9. exactly man. they make it like " ive moved on, its your turn " hahaha.

    i def dont let them get to me, its their ignorance that gets to me
  10. yea its bullshit so what it doesn't mix well with other people. i like it, and i personally am not a huge fan of drinking, while others are. its personal preference.
  11. Study up a bit, learn the positives and negitives that the herb can supply, then absolutely own them with your knowledge of it... I've done it more than once to stupid, stuck-up, self rightous jackasses I've met
  12. yup for sure, because im some what knowledgable on the subject , just not enough to overrule that BULLSHIT, haha
  13. no, ppl don't give me b/s about smoking
  14. then you live amongst a good crowd
  15. Whenever people say that type of stuff, i don't put up with bullshit. I will clearly explain that just because they had a bad experience doesn't mean the plant is bad. I don't think
    Ive had anyone that was that bullheaded as to keep on complaining.
  16. 94% of the time the only people that bash the herb are the people that havent tried it yet.
  17. I just show them the union, if they still come with there propaganda. I then ask them for there documentary or documentation backing there claims up. They never have any.
  18. i wish it was that simple man.

    but when their arguments are the likes of...

    " I swear to god that its bad "


    " 100% in me I believe Weed is bad "

    how can i have ANYTHING to back THAT up? hahahhahha
  19. thats true as well, ignorance

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