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has this ever happened to you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by utook2much2much, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. well ive been a smoker for A long time real long time and i wanted to clear my lungs up a bit i quit for about two weeks then i got smoked out and was pretty blazed then 5 days later i smoked again then 4 days after that (lol) i smoked and got a really really fast heartbeat and found myself practically holding my breath for surprising amounts of time and at the same time talking all normally and stuff... i picked up a g for my bro at this time and i smoked that for about a week without any symptoms like this... i smoked about a day a week for awhile then i quit again... after a few weeks i had to leave to MI to live so i got really drunk and smoked a resin ball because i was gona have to be sober for awhile (it coulda been months) everything's all good... a month later i come back and that night i picked up n smoked by myself and my heart was going crazy for no reason so i layed down and for a few hours my heartbeat was at a pace ive never experienced before so i smoked again a week or two later it happened again so i smoked with my bro and again for about ten minutes so i have smoked about six or seven times since i came back and its only not happened once i was smoking .5 a day for years man idk what happened it used to be where when i thought about smoking id get a fast heart beat not like when im stoned but im now looking forward to smoking again and i don't feel nervous about it but this is really lame.... :confused::mad::eek:
  2. the moral of the story is, NEVER STOP SMOKING WEED OR YOU WILL DIE
  3. sarcasm? i do not understand
  4. Fuck knows why ur hearts racing m8, aint got a scooby! Maybe holding ur breath for an unprecedented amount of time is causing your heart to work overtime to try and push more oxygen through your body and to your brain?
  5. yea maybe the first time but everytime since i breath fine im positive its in my head and most likely everyone else who experiences this unles its spiked with speedor som shit im justwonderin if its appened to anyone else
  6. Sounds to me like utook2much2much
  7. Sounds like you gots fucked up bro
  8. Just relax and dont pay attention to it, and dont hold your breath that'll make it worse.
  9. You just got high as fuck
  10. cut down a bit
  11. You just got really baked, weed lowers your blood pressure which in turn causes your heart to beat faster
  12. i wasnt that high and i dont hold my breath that was awhile ago but its not because weed dilates blood vessels or anythin its all in my head

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