Has this ever happened to anybody...

Discussion in 'General' started by frog123, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. This is kinda weird but have you ever looked through photos of yourself and friends while you were high and been turned on by yourself?
  2. All the fuckin time
  3. I'm not photogenic for shit- I also make it a point to come out in as little pics as possible

  4. im straight, and sometimes pictures of myself do turn me on and pictures of my friends that are guys. Like i said when im sober i have no gay side in me what so ever i have a girlfriend play lots of sports and shit but i dunno what it is when i'm high. when im with my friends i dont but like looking at pictures i am. its fuckin weird and i hate when it happens. when it does i immediately stop and play video games or something.
  5. I swear one of my friends said that he becomes sorta gay when he's high too. That's pretty fucking weird dude.

  6. Play lots of sports? Back in high school our sports teams were full of closet homosexuals.
  7. [​IMG]

    This picture of me turns me on.

    (we can post pics of ourselfs right?)

  8. well i'm definitely not gay, i would never want to be with another guy i'm straight sober right now. when im high i wanna get with chicks too but like when im high and on facebook and i look at my pics idk my mind wanders and i end up thinking about my friends. but if its a pic with all girls my mind wanders the same way haha. i think its just cause being high is about everyone loving everyone and when im high i like idk. its fucked up.
  9. I masturbate when I see pics of myself...

    I mean who could blame me, I'm a sexy beast baybay :ey:
  10. I have absolutely no idea what the fuck you guys are talking about.
  11. Dude all i have to do is look in a mirror and I'm holding in my orgasm:cool:
  12. Umm... Idk i look at some pictures and im like damn i look good. But idk if i get wet from looking at my self.

  13. I call bs, prove it. Haha :cool:

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