has this ever happend to u??

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mastercater, May 13, 2003.

  1. ive been smoking for a while now and this crazy high has happend only twice...well it seemed like if i do imediate physical activity after getting high it fucks me up real bad i mean really bad. its like being stuck in a perminate dizzy spell where everything u imagine comes true. if i imagine that im clay i will become a part of the couch and sink into it. my heart would beat so fast i thought i would have a heart attack but suddenly it would slow down to almost a stop. this shit was crazy i could barly walk i had to crawl around lol. i thought i was trippin on acid or sometihng and i was all paranoid. a day later i was reading a book with a flashlight and i started flashing it all over and the feeling came back again even when i wasnt smoking. my whole body would shake and i couldnt control it unless i imagined something else. i would be talking and forget COMPLETELY what i was trying to say. i seemed blocked out of the conversations of my friends and separate from the rest of the world. ive been high many times but this has only happend twice and both times i got my heart rate going right after. the first time i sprinted and the second time i spun in circles for a while. it was scary as fuck i thought i was going to be stuck like that forever. i think its from the heart rate going up what do u think? oh yeah both times it was from mid grade weed that smelt like christmas trees. oh yeah and both times were a year apart.
  2. its probably just a mild panic attack. weed can sometimes do that to you.

  3. During physical activity endorphins are released and have an affect on your high. I usually pull a coulpe o tubes on my way out the door to go trials ridin' and once i get warmed up ii'm lifted pretty well.

    Sometimes i get the "reset button"thing, it's like you get so stoned and it's like someone pushed the reset button, and you can't remeber 1 second ago, but right after you feel all sweet and mellow cause yer jus' chillin with a clear mind.

  4. sounds like your having a panic attack, or a paranoia attack!
  5. It sounds to me u were smoking alphalpha its this gerble food ypu can buy in pet co and such. and people sell it to people and it looks just like weed but it smells like christmas trees no lie it happend to me once and all the same shit happend to me

  6. LOL
  7. hehe this has only happened to me 2 times but I'm a regular smoker, like 3-5 times a week (been smoking for about 1.5 yrs now), and one day we got some super super chronic, one hitter type stuff. Well, there were 4 of us toking and we smoked two bowls, I was fine after the first but once I started on the second i started to get SUPER stoned then all of a sudden like 5 mins after we're done smoking both bowls I start to get really dizzy and as I was walking over to sit on this step I literally almost passed out, everything started going black and my vision started to tunnel and I could hardly hear anything and I felt like i was about to puke, so I sit down and just rest my head in my hands and close my eyes and sat there for like 20 mins and I was fine after that.
  8. no but just last saturday me and my cousin went to my other cousin house and we were a little drunk cuz my uncle had bought us some MDs and when we got there my uncle bought a case of budwieser so we just sat there drinking just the 4 of us and my cousin pulls out a bottle of some fucking pure alcohol. looked like vodka but smelled a little like rubbing alcohol. he took 3 shots like nothing. then we went to the balcony and just toked. shit i was fucked up my eyes were bloodshot. and then his parents came. FUCK! BUZZKILL. his dad is a fucking bitch. he started bitching telling him that he cant drink in the house anymore and all this bulshit because he just stopped drinking and then he just started saying all this stupid shit that he was a coke head and that he used to beat his wife and all this other bullshit like if he was talking about nothing.and then BOOM! it hit me just like that. fuck dude i was tripping out. i dont know what kind of weed that was but i was fucked up. then finally they went to sleep and my cousin convinced my uncle to take a shot and hes a heavy ass drinker. he couldnt even stand up. then we went outside toked some more then went back inside and we all just crashed. fuck that was badass. we werent even planning on doing that.
  9. Pfff, I bet that shit was laced... Lsd or something
  10. Usually its just panic....But watch it,dont ever let your heart do that for a long time.....Sometimes it can be your mind but hey.
  11. Ah shit, man that happened to me last night. I had just smoked a bowl by myself and then I became all dizzy and started shaking/ranting about NOTHING. I looked like a mentally ill patient fresh out of the ward. I was all talking about people getting me, sensors everywhere, etc. Right now my head fucking hurts and it's 3 hours after it happened. Wtf? Glad I wasn't the only one, my heart was racing and I just felt weird for a few hours. (i kept yelling at people about photographs/taking my prints etc etc) crazy!!
  12. once and a while when i smoke a certain type of bud or i just enough of a certain type im in a weird stateof mind where i can control exactley how i feel,like i can be sitting there and build up pressure in my feet and slowley move it up through my legs and all the way up my body until it gets to my head and then i concentrait it in my head and its like i get a little bit closer to a coma feeling... but not really, and i can keep doing it and i just keep fading away!! then i am totaly gone, but if i hearsomething and get a lil paranoid if i feel like it i can like come out of it and not really look high... i dunno,i think im gunna go get stoned now!! yay.. and im sorry for how words look... right now im drunk and my space bar is broken and i have to hit it really hard for it to work..... ok, now ill shutup and go toke!
  13. That kind of feeling happened to me once. When it happened, I went to the bathroom because i was afraid of puking. My friends were over talking out in the kitchen, and i pictured them talking and all this crazy shit happening to them. It was like I was trippin in my mind. It may seem cool but I felt like shit, and ended up puking but I felt a lot better after that.

  14. hahah no man, you cant smoke acid.

    and anyways, im soooo tired of every little kid who gets stoned thinking their weed is laced.

    Laced weed is a Myth. the only time youll probably ever smoke laced weed in your life is if your buddies and you lace it yourself.

    Noones gonna give you there expensive drugs for free, especially without telling you.

  15. well maybe not where you live... but where I live you have to watch out for laced stuff... When I make new contacts I always make sure they don't sell laced weed. Usually it's the less potent stuff they lace, if you say lsd's not smokable then it's another hallucinogen or maybe even poison they spray on it... A friend of mine once smoked it and her visual perceptions were fucked up for 3 hours straight... She saw all weird things, rambled about everything being like a colorbook, she even started talking to air, she thought someone was standing there... Don't say weed does that to someone!?

  16. dude the same thing happened to e when i started smoking.... and a few days ago... im preety sure thats a type of weed u use.... peace
  17. Get yourself checked out by a doctor. Marijuana does not cause flashbacks. Have them take a urine sample and tell them the truth. They will analyze the urine for traces of another drug. If the pot is clean then you may have a physical problem that you don't know about. If the pot is dirty, that is ,laced, then stay away from this dealer unless they have a good explanation. Who knows what they will put in your weed next!!!!!!!!!!!!!GROWBIGBUDSINTORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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