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Has the medical market fallen to the wayside?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by nazgrass, Aug 10, 2023.

  1. Hello! I want to get some opinions from people. I feel as current recreational legalization has become more common (which is great!), the care and attention put in to the medical side of cannabis has dropped. When I first became a medical patient I feel like strains were more geared towards medical needs, and the bud tenders had more knowledge of the medical effects. Do you feel this way? I would love to hear your input and thoughts on it.
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  2. websites like leafly tell the effects and all.. just go into any dispensary useing the www.
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  3. I agree. My local dispensaries seem geared to providing THC potent strains and offer none with CBD. They do offer some few edibles with CBD, but the prices are outrageous and I can't afford them. They offer consultations with a Pharmacist, but if they're not providing suitable products that doesn't help. I am in South East VA and dealing with Cannabist. Other stores in VA under different management may offer a better selection, but Cannabist is in my area.
  4. Bud tenders = knowledge??? :rolleyes: Maybe they do IDK how many years of schooling or training they go thru to dispense "medicine". I have underwear older than some of those kids. I know pharmacists go thru much schooling/training, licensing etc. I never saw a 4 real pharmacist at a dispensary. ;)

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