Has smoking with someone brought you closer together?

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  1. Me and my brother grew up together in a fairly normal childhood. I'm three years older than him so once I started getting older, he and I grew apart when I was about 12. He is a very different person than I am but recently I've moved back in with my parents where he lives as well and through an odd conversation, I found out he had smoked last year. Since I smoke a lot more now, I offered to smoke him out if he wanted and it's been history since then. We're so much closer and we talk about things now and I hardly ever find myself getting annoyed with him now even while sober.
    Smoking has really given us a bonding experience and I'm so thankful for it. Has anybody else had weed bring them closer with someone?

  2. Yup .. i've been through that .. same thing my brutha & I get to talkn more over a smoke session bringn us closer
  3. yea me and m'lady have had some very deep, enlightening comversations which have brought us connection in a way that is truly amazing....good times.
  4. Of course :)
    One of my good friends became my good friend because weed helped us break down the "awkward trust" barrier that allowed us to have the best conversations ever.
  5. I cant really be open and real with somebody if were not smoking a doob, i mean a beer is one thing but a shared smoking experience is just sacred. 
  6. nah not for me. i smoke weed for a good time to escape reality, not to necessarily bond with people. But saying that I had a good friend, and i realised when we smoked and she was high she was annoying.
  7. sameee :) 
  8. hahahah that sucks, I've never smoked with someone who has annoyed me
  9. man for real this girl would just chat the most annoying crap.. and she would try to be funny but her jokes made -1345 sense.. and dont even get me started on her laugh oh my word...it sounded like a camel giving birth to a whale lmao
  10. hahahahhaha why do I enjoy making fun of idiots so much? it literally brings me JOY.
  11. I used to have one of those friends that you kinda know but you've never really hung out or anything.
    We're best friends now.  :bongin:  :hello:
  12. I wish my sister would give smoking with me a chance. Sigh. It would be so awesome.

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  13. Me and my sister became a lot closer when I was 13 she found out I smoked and she have t smoked in years so we burned now I'm 20 and she's 26 and were two peas in a pod love her to death
  14. Yes, me and my one cousin weren't really that chill with each other but once we found out we both smoke, everytime our families meet up me and him chill and smoke haha but I also thought about does weed bring people together just because it's weed and people love smokin it?
  15. same with me with my bro, I had no idea he smoke either and he cAught me when I came home to my cousins, him and my older cousin were drinking and me and they asked me "how you feeling?" And ten I started laughing(I was so high) and long story short whenever my bro is home from college me and him smoke and are super close now
  16. Yep, my dad. We get along and communicate a whole lot better now.
  17. Yes sir! Me and my sis were on two different sides of the world until we smoked together. We used to argue and fight ALL the time. She even said she hated me, and we would treat each other like strangers when we were in school. But this one time i came in the house smelling like maryjane and she asked me if i smoked. I said hells yeah i smoke and she asked if we could smoke together. I said im down and we talked for hours! Now we can go out to a park or a lake and light up and talk about everything!

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  18. Lol yeah thats most girls. I mean they mostly talk a lot. Atleast for me anyways. I just sit there and nod my head they love it
  19. I had a friend who I met through one of my best friends, but when we were growing up (sober) we hardly never hung out without the third friend there. We hung out maybe 3 or 4 times with just us and there was just this small awkward vibe. 
    Until we met Marijuana. 
    Now we're best friends. 
  20. I started to bond with all three of my brothers when I picked up smoking weed.  My sisters get too high and pass out.  That's what happens when you drink so much alcohol though.

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