has smoking weed made you more intellectual?

Discussion in 'General' started by weedzilla420, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. i think it has for me. i've been smoking since i was about 16 (almost 20 now) and i feel that it has improved my mental clairity and the way i perceive reality around me.

    i'm taking philosophy this semester (it's basically a class where we have a philisophical reading and than discussion for the class period) and i love getting high before i go. it's by far the most interesting class i think i have taken.

    however, it does make me feel more confused at some levels because i now question whether there is anything such as absolute truth. there is always uncertainty in everything which makes me question whether what i perceive as the truth is actually the truth. is it the truth because many people believe it to be so, or do people believe it to be so because it's the truth?

    if i ever figure it out, i'll pass it along.

  2. i think that too

    but then the other part of my brain thinks "you're high, everything you say is going to be 'deep', every sober person around you thinks you're a rambling fool"

    so i guess there are two sides to it.... i stick with you though ;-)
  3. I'd say blue probly.
  4. wtf, man. i'm pretty baked, but even sober that statement would trip me out.... swear to god man. (ha, that's my second bob and tom reference in 24 hrs.) but reall, i scrolled up and down looking at what you said and what the topic was.... read that long ass paragraph 3 times all told....:wave:w/stupid
  5. The danger with weed is that it can swing both ways. You can spend hours intellectualizing about things and think that you're a genius... while all that you're really doing is seperating yourself from direct reality.

    Over-thinking and over-analysing aren't good things.

    When I smoke weed I actually try and do the opposite. Naturally my tendency is to get completely lost in thought but now instead I try and focus in the now. Obviously though after while I still let my mind wander into a stoned haze ;)
  6. As much as I'd like to chalk it up to bud, i think it has more to do with maturation in general. Anyone would be more intellectual at 20 than 16, mostly because the more you experience in life, the better you can reflect on it.
  7. well, its either made me more intellectual or just made me think that! So I could be getting more stupid! JK:D

  8. its prolly techincally made me dumber , but it changed the way i view the world around me, so its a double edged sword of sorts...
  9. very true.

  10. I've smoked with alot of thesbians in my day so yes...

    That and it stole my lung capacity
  11. Yes and no at the same time, hard to explain really. In a way it has because being a pothead motivates me to better myself in order to shatter the stereotype that all potheads are unmotivated losers.
  12. Yes and No... I've always been a deep thinker. I've always had an anyalitical mind. I'd say smoking has opened my mind to possibilities I hadn't considered before, but I do not think it has made me any smarter or stupider. :)
  13. We are all under government control... The truth is out.... they're coming after me..... They've been told! I've ratted them out! *knock knock on door*... I gotta go.
  14. For me itsmmaken more lazy. Ti's gotten me into a lot of trouble but coulden be just me. Some people say it halps them out on a test but for me it's the dirrect oppisite. I get high the whole test it really hard to cocentrate on high.
  15. haha, so true, so true :eek:
  16. When im high, i dont really get intellectual. seems like a buzzkill to try to stay focused. to be honest, when i smoke, i smoke as much as I can before i cant hold the pipe any more, then go back and crank up some music and lay on the floor and just think.
  17. I watch more History Channel when im stoned. So i think all the modern marvels info sinks into my brain and makes me smarter.

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