Has Smoking Weed Become The Constant When Hanging Out With Friends?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WoodHouse, Jun 1, 2013.

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     I've noticed as I started smoking more and more the last few years that smoking is now an irreplaceable activity when hanging with friends. 
     No matter what we do somehow we smoke before, while, or after doing it. It's pretty much assumed that we'll be smoking or that most of us or at least one has weed.
    I have nothing against and enjoy it becoming a routine.
    Same for you guys or?

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  2. Unfortunately yeah. 
    With some friends, it seems they don't want to go out or do anything unless we are getting high or drunk or whatever.
    Now, I enjoy doing both activities. But I'm still always down to just hang out, and not partake in any of those . Unfortunately that's not the case with every one of my friends. 
  3. Kicking it always involves rolling and licking it.
    Or a variation of smoking, mostly bong hits.
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    Honestly it's always been like that for me. Most of my friends live in a different town than I do now and I dont currently own a vehicles so i rarely see them. I hate people and am content with the friends i have so i dont really bother trying to meet new ones.
    I prefer smoking alone anyhow. I do smoke with my dealer when he delivers my shit though. He usually brings a nug to match with me.
  5. Everything is better when your high homie
  6. That used to be the case, i have a group of friends where it was only me and another guy that brought the weed, and to compensate the other tokers would give us some money(they just didn't know where to get the herb). It was great, we shared stories and i never laughed so much in my life.
    Problem is, when both of us failed to bring the stuff (rarely happened back then) it sucked. Everyone expected to get high when hanging out, but when that didn't happen nobody said anything, yet the vibe was different. Hanging out is always great, but it is better when high.
  7. Yup, exact same thing here. The weird thing is that lately me and my group of friends from high school kind of separated into the smoker and non-smoker group, even though we're all still friends. It's just that I barely hang out with my non-smoker friends because all we do is get high when we chill. Kinda sad, but yeah.
  8. Wait what lol?
  9. with certain people, yes
  10. I know how you feel OP I can't think of a time me and my friends didn't smoke when we hung out. I guess it's not a bad thing because we all get along.
  11. yea, we hang out with out blazing but definitely as more time goes on we always toking :smoking:
    guess it's kinda bad but hey, we all love the herb, why not?
  12. yeah op you described what me and my friends do haha if we hangout we smoke. if were gonna go eat we smoke, if we go to a movie we smoke hell we even smoke before going to the gym sometimes.  its pretty funny because we'll say to each other "wanna go get food?" or "wanna go do something?" and whatever we decide on doing, its implied that we'll smoke at some point lol. we always have weed and atleast one spoon plus papers. and my one friend keeps his bong in a duffel bag in his trunk 24/7.
  13. kinda yeah, we get ripped then go skateboarding, so fun :smoke:
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  14. Why would he keep it in there 24 7 what happens if the popo catch up with him?

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  16. We blaze, but not like we used to. We only blaze 1 joint after the other at 420 parties.
  17. Yes. I have to personally. Most of my friends blaze, I have a few that don't but when we hang ill still blaze lol they gotta accept it
  18. Yes. I have to personally. Most of my friends blaze, I have a few that don't but when we hang ill still blaze lol they gotta accept it
  19. yes, thats all we do is get high before we do anything. its always 3 or more blunts before we get into anything.
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    Pretty much. It really depends on the company I'm keeping at the time (I hang out with smokers and non-smokers). If I'm with fellow smokers odds are we're gonna get high at some point. But when that starts to get old I can just hit up my non-smoking buddies.
    We bascially all know each other, so it's nice when both groups come together to chill.

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