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has nothing to do with smoking but need suggeations on grass seeds lol

Discussion in 'General' started by Shadow88, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Ok so as I said its not the type you smoke. I just Moses my grass for the first time sense i moved in (only lived here a few weeks) and its in horrible shape. I live in southwest Florida and its all sand. I need to lay fresh seed. I need deep rooted beautiful thick growing grass, any suggestions on what type I should get?
  2. No one lol
  3. not many people on this site have there own house (they are all young yet "including me").... so you wont get many good responses probably
  4. I dont know shit about grass but i see Scotts everywhere so i guess thats good :confused:
  5. Scotts sucks, its the left over seeds from batches.

    And I'm young. I'm only 22. I just do somewhat well for mydelf lol
  6. Just go to you're local Home Depot, Lowes, or any kind of yard/maintence place. They should know the best stuff to grow in you're area

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