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has ne one ever heard or used Indoor Plant Food Spikes

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by johnnyd, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. i got these plant food spikes for 97 cents a pack and was wondering if the worked.

    they are 6-12-6

    all u do is just put them in the ground by ur flower

    does ne one know if these are good for growin marijuana?
  2. i guess no one used them
  3. they only put more minnerals in your plant
  4. I'm a beginner and only have a small novelty garden I started one month old... I found out the hard way that seedlings "fry" with spike sticks. I only used 1/2 stick, but it was too much. The plants all reacted with yellowing leaves and brown curl and many died. I later found on hightimes website that it's a no-no until the plants/roots are well established. I lost several of my seedlings and had to start another bunch that are only a couple weeks old now. Really sucks having to wait because I got too anxious with the fert.

    Splifs to 'ya!


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