Has NASA ever lied? Would NASA ever lie? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  1. Seriously though. I got really high and thought out there in the galaxy of our universe there are other planets containing water and sustaining life. There is no way they are hiding discovery of intelligent life. Like the world isn't ready to hear that they've been communicating with something in the cosmos. I am talking out of my ass. But I know there's something out there.

  2. "galaxy of our universe"
    You must have been really stoned writing this.

  3. Dude the government has been lying to us since they day they first opened for business.

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  4. I agree with the OP tho there is def something else out there.
  5. Seeing as the only manmade object just recently exited our solar system.. not to mention that we haven't even visited any other star systems, I highly doubt they discovered other life and are hiding it. We can only take a guess at to whether or not there is life around a distant star.. and the only way they could be hiding it is if that life visited us. For now, all we can do is look at the information, such as atmospheric makeup, and guess if there is life there.
  6. They're savin' you from the truth.[​IMG]


  7. Does a federal organization withhold info from the general public?
  8. Life outside of the Milky Way galaxy obviously does exist. If oxygen can exist on earth, there is no logical reason to assume it does not exist on other planets, and we have found planets to have literal oceans of water under their surfaces. This being said, an atmospheric planet with water is not really unlikely. Just a rare find. Now, I do not think NASA is hiding evidence of aliens from us because, really, what reason is there to? What fucking public outcry would it cause to know we've been visited for sure? No one's gonna cause a riot or destroy a country because aliens visited earth. You can't monopolize that either so there is really no logical reason to hide it. To say they're hiding information from us is just paranoia. It would be completely pointless.

    *waits for tin foil hat people to respond to me about how the big bad gubmint's hiding their aliens*
  9. "Pluto is a planet"
    "Pluto isn't a planet"
    "Pluto is a dwarf planet"

    All lies, everybody knows Pluto is Goofys disabled cousin that Mickey looks after.

  10. But NASA is no longer funded by the US right? At least that's what I thought.

    But I doubt they'd hold it back for long. They definitely would at first though, in my opinion.

    I know there's other life out in the universe, I just can't say whether or not they are like us or any creature we've ever seen. One of the biggest let downs in life is not living in a time where that would be possible. Unless they make some huge scientific discovery soon, we probably won't be meeting any aliens or other life forms.

    It'd be cool as fuck though, even if they were just like dogs or some shit and didn't communicate like humans, it'd be such an amazing experience, meeting or seeing alien life forms that were raised and live in extremely different environments.
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    I don't know why you thought that, but of course it is still funded by the US. NASA isn't a private company, it's a department of the US Government, as much as the Dept. of Energy or Dept. of Justice is.

    OP: Maybe, who knows? Anything's possible.

  12. What's going on with Area 51 then? That's so strange.

  13. [​IMG]

  14. How would they even benefit from lying? If anything, they'd be cashing in big time from all the publicity, if they ever discovered alien life.

  15. Less about the post and more about, anyone else think he looks a LITTLE BIT like that one prank viner Lance210...

    About the post, well, I am sure the abiity to sustain life may well be out there, I am inclined to believe lines closer to Mantikore's post


  16. To profit from world wars the people ( countries) of the planet must be non-united. introducing an outside entity ( OE - ET) would unite the people of earth as one entity in relation to one another leading to a world race- Human and ending world wars.

  17. Finding an alien race wouldn't stop these wars lol You really think ISIL is gonna stop going after America just 'cause some illegal aliens from another galaxy pop around? Nah, they're gonna use the distraction to their advantage to take out the west.

  18. they are about to release the recordings of the "music" the astronauts heard on the dark side of the moon on apollo 10. there is a big difference between a lie and classified information

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