Has my ebb & flow turned into DWC?

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  1. This is my first hydro attempt at growing and so far I am having success. I am liking it much better than soil. However, I am getting a little bit concerned about my current grow. I have one Cali Hash Plant in a small ebb & flow system, using hydroton. The res. is only a two gallon tank. This particular plant stayed short so I let it veg for about 45 days! It's been flowering for about 3 weeks and the plant is about 17" tall and looking much healthier than any soil grow I have experience with. My first concern is that a few of the roots are visible on the top of the hydroton, which leads me to believe the whole pot is loaded with roots. My second concern is the amount of roots that have grown out of the drain holes and is now suspended as well as submerged in the nutrient solution. I have two air stones in the solution so it seems to me that it is now like a DWC system. This plant likes the PPM's just under 600 and my PH has been between 5.4 - 5.8 consistently. My flood schedule is every four hours, 9 minutes during light and 4 minutes during dark. This schedule has been working great for this grow. My main concern is that I let this plant veg too long for the size of my system and now that I have roots in the solution I'm not sure If I should keep flooding the hydroton. But, it seems like I need to keep flooding to keep the roots in the medium moist. Any thoughts other than not to veg for so long? Am I on the right track here, is this normal for ebb & flow and roots growing into the solution? I have about a month to go before projected harvest.
  2. 45 day veg and it's only 17 inches tall? That does not seem right at all.

    You'll want to keep flooding it. If you don't, you're roots will dry out. Just keep doing what you're doing. As long as the plant remains healthy, don't change anything.
  3. From what I've read this CHP only gets to be about 25 - 30 inches total in height. Mine is very bushy/wide and healthy looking for sure. Better looking than any soil grow I've done.
  4. what size buckets are you using? and is the cali hash a indica? that would explain the short bushy effect.... and maybe decrease the flood cycles to three times a day when the lights are on, that might help the growth of the plant.... others might disagree
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    The Cali Hash Plant is advertised as an Indica (hash plant x northern lights) so a short bushy plant is exactly what I expected. What I wasn't expecting is the roots to grow out of my hydroton and into the res/nute solution like a DWC. My system has a 1 gallon grow chamber and the res holds between two and three gallons of solution. I have only been filling it with two gallons. But now the plant is going through about a gallon of water every two days. Don't get me wrong the plant looks very healthy. Like I previously stated this is my first experience with hydro and I'm concerned that the roots are going to outgrow my system before harvest, which should be in a bout four weeks. Maybe this is all very normal, it just seems to me that it has become a DWC system and EBB & Flow at the same time. Maybe I'm just over-thinking this... One things is for sure, I'm not going to veg for that long again.
  6. Post some pics....it sounds normal though
  7. I had one of my rooms setup with an ebb and flow using 5 gal buckets that had drain hoses connected together and running back to the res. I was top feeding with a drip system. As an experiment i lowered one of the buckets to allow the water/nute level to sit just below the net pots and added an air stone thus turning it into a DWC system similar to what you have. The roots grew into the solution and all worked fine. I kept the top feeding going so the roots in the rockwool medium in the net pots wouldn't dry out.

    There was no noticeable benefit with that plant over the rest of the room so I didnt repeat it
  8. In a hydro system a giant root mass is what you want. That's the whole point. There's really no such thing as a "root bound" plant if you are growing hydroponiclly. To much roots is only a problem when dealing with water tension properties of various substrates. Just be sure to check that tubing and air stones don't become obstructed.
  9. I've always had my roots grow down into the reservoir, never added an airstone, I just let them sit in the water and never seemed to hurt a thing. Next time, I'll add an airstone to oxygenate the water. I'd say, if they look healthy, don't change anything.
  10. Thanks for the replies - everything is looking great!

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