Has my crop been ruined by crap timer?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by kutalinelucas, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. 12 on 12 off flowering period at the moment. 3 hours in to their darkness period, the timer buggered up and the lights came back on again. I didn't realise until 4 hours later when I turned them off again. They are only 3 days into their flowering period but I don't know whether this has ruined the whole crop or not. Is there any point carrying on just to get them all the way for flowering for them to be ruined? Please help!!!!!!!
  2. i would definatly keep going!!!, although one light screwup is very bad, its not the end of your plants life, especially if this incident happened early in the flower cycle. you will get slightly less yield. but still more than if you pulled it!! i think you probally wont notice it come harvest time.
  3. im a little more worried about the stress they've just been put under at the time plants decide to sex,

    and ounce or 2 at harvest wouldn't really bother me. i had 11 oz off 4 plants last grow, im not ready rto give up untill i can sex them, which should be this week. im just devistated, the amount of love time and money that goes in, all comes crumbling down due to a tacky piece of shit timer

    anybody have any ideas on the liklyhood of these plants becoming male or hemafro, yield shouldn't be affected this early in flowering
  4. you have no worries get a new timer and proceed
  5. Just pretend there was a full moon.

    Their fine.


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