Has marijuana ever given you a deep, spiritual or metaphysical experience?

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  1. I do some meditation and have sometimes wondered if marijuana could help achieve a deep mystical experience. but as I think back on all the times that I have smoked, I can't say that I've really experienced anything really deep. I think the last time I had anything close to a deep mental experience was when I first started smoking again after a 4 year lay off.

    I used to think that marijuana could open portals of thinking, but now that I'm sober for the first time in nearly 8 months, I'm starting to question if it does.
  2. It absolutely has for me, on multiple occasions. The strongest, most spiritual reaction, I've ever had happened after I had finished smoking and was listening to music. I was completely engulfed in the songs, in a deep state of concentration, and it actually brought me to tears. I've never felt more connected to music.

    Also, being out in nature when I'm high is incredible. I feel significantly more attached and appreciative to mother nature after smoking. Find a beautiful spot and take a walk, or even just sit and relax and let your mind do the rest.

    You definitely have to be at a fairly high level of intoxication to realize the true spirituality of cannabis (for me anyways), so try taking another break and lowering your tolerance.
  3. I remeber back in the day. Gitting lit kicking back in a lazy boy listening to Pink Floyd the Wall. That was pretty intense.

    I think yeah for sure. I think most people don't get what's really going on though.

    Now I've grown up and smoking pot for me is just medicinal I guess. I still have what I would call "spiritual" experiences.
  4. Marijuana personifies spiritual thinking
  5. the ganja helps me be more creative at times, but sometimes it makes my churn out the biggest load of bollocks.

    For me it's probably made me think a bit more about how the world is run, but I think thats more because of it being illegal.

    Sure sometimes it makes me feel nice and connected to the world but for me thats just artificial. When i have more profound experiences its when im sober just because ganja seems to cloud me a bit, it softens the edges a bit if u get what im sayin.
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    Whenever I look back at my experiences on weed I don't look at them as any deeper than the experiences that I have at times during when I am sober. At the time I thought they were really deeper but when comparing them I see that they are just different type of experiences.

    Like, when sober and out in a park I notice different things about nature and appreciate it a lot. When I am high, the noticings are different. But when I think about it, I almost feel like the experiences when sober are better.

  7. thats what I used to think, but you can be just as spiritual when you are sober. I guess if you think something you can make it seem realer than it is.
  8. Bud helps me think clearly or not think at all, depending on which i choose and what strain i smoke. For me, the first time i ever smoked wax was the life-changing moment i remember most though. Completely changed the direction of my life. For the better imho.
  9. Deep yes, spiritual no.

    Other substances have though. Not spiritual in a divine sense, not even a clue as to whether someone or something is "tending the light at the end of the tunnel", just a profound emotional experience which seemed to say: "All will be well, don't worry, everything is gonna be alright".

    It felt like being a baby, held in the arms of a psychedelic mother :hippie::smoke:
  10. Maybe it depends on what the person is seeking. For someone smoking a bowl and washing it down with a quart of Old English 800, probably not.

    But there were many times when I was enlightened and edified about life. Being high opened my perceptions about others and paths of understanding. I believe this comes from within.

    One can learn from these experiences, but the problem seems to be retention of this knowledge when you're not high.​
  11. It doesn't exist if you aren't searching for it.

    That's all I have.
  12. i've solved that problem. i just stay high!:D
  13. But you're right. You can only reach enlightment by seeking it out.
  14. *Warning advanced spiritual story*

    One time I got high and took a shower. While in the shower, I ask to God, "What do you want me to do next?" I just yearned for something to achieve to re-align my will with His. I asked multiple times with conviction and confidence I would receive an answer.

    "Please give me an answer Father!" I exclaimed. I feel like I don't know what more I could do to further myself. Yet I knew there was still so much work to be done. but what?

    Then I forgot about it.

    I sat down to meditate and was looking at the incense smoke rolling through the beams of sunlight. I thought to myself this will be a perfect time to do the Holy Trinity meditation. So I did. I brought in energy from the heart of Mother Earth and the energy from Father Sun and had them connect in my heart.

    The strengthening connection being felt was pretty intense. I noticed that there seemed to be an energy exchange happening. As I was attempting to define this energy in my mind, suddenly some surprise words came out "This makes me..... horny." Past connotations from this word sent the concentration and focus on my meditation spiraling to a halt.

    I thought to myself, why would I ever describe a beautiful energy exchange as such? Then I thought of the ways of my sexual past. Maybe it was too much porn... I don't know, but I had fostered a gain and loss relationship during sexual endeavors. The male has the responsibility of really "givin' it" to the female kind of attitude. I knew this was not correct. I knew immediately that I had to be more vigilant against my own sexual perversions. I often find myself joking about perverted things, or even perpetuating these things with laughter.

    I knew right then and there that these thoughts had no place in Truth. To give and to receive are actually the same. Luckily no amount of dishonest perversions could ever change that truth.

    This all happened in about 1 hour. If you are aware to your entire reality you will learn God does not wait to respond to his Son. It's just learning how to listen.
  15. Disregard most of what I said in this thread. My feelings have somewhat changed after yesterday, friday the 13th.
  16. It did for me, I awoke in may different ways.
  17. Whenever I get really high, I feel like I'm in a dream or something.
    Last time I was high i felt like I was re living a unique dream that I had from when I was like 7. when I was 7 the dream always made me feel weird, and then all of a sudden im actually living it, wierd.
  18. it gives me the urge to mess with my energy. to an extent this includes the paranoia

    I do my "meditation" the opposite of the typical way. instead if clearing my mind to find the feeling I charge the feeling so it consumes my mind

    I've had a lot of spiritual experience this way.and before reading about it

    now I'm trying to become a person. I'm learning to be social and weed just fucks me up. it gets me insecure and I walk with a pigeon toe and it makes me doubt myself
    I'm still becoming who I want to be. I've technically only had 6 months to try

  19. Yes, Marijuana has given me some experiences. The experience that I had was also shared with my wife. We had made some brownies with some good florida krippy. We hate a lot, because it was our first time and we did not know that it was going to take a good hour and half to two hours to kick in. so we end up eating a lot. We started talking about spirituality and what we were learning and suddenly we were talking about oneness. I then had an experience where I felt that I was her and she was me and we were sort of in this world where everything was just a projection. My wife also experienced this because she started to say that she felt it. It was a strange experience of oneness with all. It was a very deep and profound experience. Although it may be possible to experience without marijuana, I still devote part of that experience to marijuana.

    It has not changed me in terms of my characteristics unfortunately. I am still the same foolish person, but maybe the experiences will grow.
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    This was mine. Phish does this to me. I feel like I am living in the music. It is very spiritual. This jam tore my heart out.

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