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Has It Been Long Enough? (Quick Dealer Question)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrGoatington, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. So I asked if my guy was good 5 days ago and he said he'd let me know which typically means that day or the next or something... but that was 5 days ago. It's never been this long since he hit me back and I've reaaaally been trying to be patient. Should I just hit him up again and see if he's good again, and possibly he forgot? I've never heard of him being dry before, at least not for more than a day or two. 
    \nWhat would you do? I've been dry for 5 days now, lol.

  2. hit him back....I usually wait a few days from some guys when I'm buying things. 5 should be good enough for sure.
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    Your good, the dealer shouldn't be annoyed. Even if he is still dry he should be happy he's got some sales lined up with ppl that are patient enough to wait for him instead of going to the next guy. (if there is a next guy)
    But he probably just got too stoned on the test sesh of the pickup and forgot about it completely. :smoking:
  4. 5 days? Damn dude that's some serious patience, bravo. Green light to go ahead. One day is appropriate, as advice for the future :p
  5. omg this thread is something else.
  6. seems like your on eggshells with this guy, why are you questioning contacting him lol?

    Hit him up, maybe he forgets or ignores his small sales, I know I do lol. I always forget about the bunches of lil dime burners
  7. DMn u acting lessons ke your dealer some bitch you trying to fuck ... lol call him back nigga provlay had weed the same day just forgot bout ya

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    Yeah, I hit him up and it was no big deal. I just tend to overthink things really bad when I don't have the goods, that's what they're for. 

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