Has Goku Gave You Inspiration?

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  1. Goku is my favorite anime character or at least one of them. sometimes when things are tough physically for training i think of Goku and how strong he is but how he believes there is no limits and time and time again he does what no one is supposed to be able to do. look at the DBZ series. the beginning he could hardly win against vegeta then he ends up beating freeza and many other villains all stronger than the last. by the end of the series he could probably blow up an entire star system or maybe a galaxy with his power. he is so kind and sacrificed himself for others multiple times. he always assumes the best in people and sometimes it screws him over a bit but a good quality anyways. he always strives to better himself in more than just physically being strong but he develops his mind also.
    Goku and vegeta's rivalry is the best theme goin in the DBZ series imo. how Goku is always outdoing Vegeta and Vegeta is pissed because he's a full blood saiyan and the prince of all saiyans also. and Goku is just a half blood from  a weaker family/genetic line. Goku was first to go super saiyan which pised Vegeta off a lot. and again when Goku got ascended saiyan he hid it from Vegeta lol and he got really pissed again. but also i like how no matter what when facing opponents so powerful,frmo hearsay i guess, he is able to win because the challenge forces him to find the power. when he was battling freeza on an alien planet, having trained for weeks at up to 100x gravity, he enjoyed the challenge   even though all was at stake you could see he likes teh challenge cause it;s a chance to beter himself.
    anywyas i'm high as fuck and watching the original dragonball just admiring Gokus character and the show in general.
    why do you like Goku ??
    comments opinions anything whats up


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