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Has cannabis changed me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PuuR_SysRq, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. For about the past year or so I have been using cannabis nightly to help me counter my terrible insomnia and occasionally during the day, While it helps immensely I feel as if it has changed me or made me start noticing these things more. Since i started i have noticed that i now have a lisp (or at least think i do) and i have also noticed that i tend to daze off easier and slur some of my words, I have always been terrible at speaking but feel like it has also gotten worse. The reason i am posting here is to see if anyone else has noticed these things as well. I talked to a friend who seems to think that i have not really changed and that it is just me thinking that i have. I'm not sure if i am just imagining these things or if cannabis has attributed to these "changes."
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  2. Cannabis makes you self concious. It expands and alters your perception of life and reality from the first hit. Chill dafuq out and stop over thinking everything, you're high, you're paranoid, and no you're not lisping like a flaming homosexual, it's the stoner drawl, where your words are more drawn out and your voice is a little different because your stoned. It returns to normal when you sober up.

    Damn light weight lol
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  3. Shleep is good.
  4. When you dance with the devil, you don't change the devil. The devil changes you.
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  5. I have found some of the same. I get tongue-tied easier and sometime say the wrong word comes out.
  6. This is not just when i am high this is something I notice 24/7.
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  7. IMO cannabis is just a catalyst. If you have some potentials, it will make them bold and more obvious.
  8. You'll notice it more, but eventually you'll find that you care a fuck of a lot less about those flaws you find. Trust me, I went through the same shit; the only thing I couldn't get over was my overwhelming courtesy like thinking the TV was too loud and that it might disturb my neighbors at 10 so I'd pop it down to 5... My volume would go all the way up to 40 and I'd still be worried about the volume when I could barely hear it; but I did hear EVERYTHING going on around me in perfect clarity so that's probably part of the problem.

    Moral of the story, you'll notice things, but don't let them get to you eventually this will happen on its own.
  9. When I smoke, my jaw drops down, my left eyes shuts, I start dragging my left foot when I walk, I drool and slur my spech. Then I go out and flirt with women.
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  10. People change regardless of if they use drugs or not. It's a placebo or unrelated to weed. Weed doesn't suddenly cause speech problems.
  11. When I smoke, my body gets really hairy, I grow 2 feet, I get very muscular, and my clothes rip off. Then I go hide in the snowy mountains. Everyone's scared of me, but I just want to cuddle.

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