Has anyone use coconut water for fertilizer?

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  1. There are plenty of coconuts around me and they are really cheap, almost free. Since I have been a big fan of organic grow, I'm thinking to experiment with this. I'm thinking a mix of compost and soil 1:10 and every once a week I will use coconut water 1:10 for added nutrients.
    I've never grown cannabis with coconut water as fertilizer. I'm just wondering if anyone out there that have done something similar. It will be great if you can share. Thanks a lot guys.

  2. Just about everyone around here uses coconut water.  It's great stuff!
    I wouldn't call it a "fertilizer".  It's used primarily for the enzymes that it contains.  Enzymes increase the rate at which organic materials are broken down and made available for plant absorption.
    You want to use immature coconuts, ones that are still "green".  These have the highest levels of enzymes in them.
    Use 1/4c of coconut water per gallon of regular water. 
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  3. freshbud22
    waktoo gave you good advice about using coconut water from what are called 'fresh young coconuts' in the US - that name may be different in  your area. 
    I have a question for you - does the term 'coconut copra' mean anything in your area?
    Yes off course. Its basically coconut flesh from old coconut, sun dried and ready to extract the oil. What do I do with it? Can I use those for fertilizer as well?
  5. put it in compost or feed your worms with it
    Most of the information will be from India but look for information about using copra as a fertilizer. Mostly out of Kerala in Southern India.
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