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Has anyone tried nuke em?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ruffstylez, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. My buddy has a spider mite problem and I was going to mail him a mix that we created that works great, but because hes in flower he needs something else. He was going to get preditor mites and spider mite destroyers, but I saw of nuke em and it claims to works up to the day of harvest. It doesn't alter the smell or taste and kills off larva, bugs, eggs etc and would save him 100 dollars. Hes tried a couple different sprays and nothing seems to be working. Has anyone tried this? Should he still get preditor mites to kill off any eggs left behind sense they are only like 20 bucks?
  2. Tell him to go find a place to sell him live ladybugs. He might have to order them but you can't spray anything in flower PERIOD. Ladybugs will eradicate all OfficeMax a few weeks before harvest IMO praying mantis work wonders as well. Isolate the infected plants immediately!
  3. You can use azamax in flower
  4. Yes u can. Up to the day of harvest. Azamax is good shit.
  5. I tried a lot of nurseys and hydro shops for him. All they have is preditor mites and stuff. Lady bugs is out of stock until spring. He tried bug off and azamax. Worked fine but they come back.
  6. Found some on ebay. What would be a good number? The lowest was 750 and highest was in the thousands. I don't think he wants a million lady bugs flying around his house, but if he can get away with the 700 and only using part I think that would be an option
  7. Azamax every 7-days full strength until bugs ever again.
  8. Got him 2000 lady bugs. They should be to his house between thurs and mon. Hope his momma don't kill me. The room has no window, but he knocked a hole out of the room that goes to the garage. Will they eventually just fly out the hole that he is bringing air from and leave?

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