Has anyone tried meditation high?

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  1. The other day i decided to try to meditate high. I did a what i thought was a "half-assed " 10 min or so meditation. I felt like it could be a truly powerful and positive experience. I was just wondering if anyone in GC community has tried this and have any tips for meditating while under the influence of cannabis .
  2. Meditation is pretty difficult to do when your not high so sometimes when I am high I panic a bit and start to think that I won't be able to clear my mind properly. However there have been times when it enhances it so much it feels amazing. Try to just control the high and focus on relaxing and it will be great.
  3. OF COURSE seasoned MJ smokers have meditated while high. Marijuana is known to increase spiritual awareness at the same time as relaxing your mind. That's pretty conducive to meditation if you ask me. It's actually hard NOT to meditate when smoking.
  4. Falun Dafa is wonderful when high.
  5. it would take a lot of training to do it right. the Sherpa always meditate high. i tried it several times and i just fell over laughing of the thought of me sitting their cross legged chanting.
  6. I play xbox... Thats my form of metitation.
  7. I feel bad for those who need weed to have profound experiences in meditation.

    Your own will and concentration are the only tools needed to reach the deepest states of meditation.

    I have meditated when high a number of times, I prefer the experiences that I have when sober over the ones I have when high.
  8. I tried what I thought was meditating, not sure yet. Had a couple of 30 min/ 1 hr sessions, but I have horrible concentration so they felt like they lasted a year. Left me chill tho, shouldn't have stopped but to be honest, I stressed out because I was afraid I'd depend on it and got too excited at the results (don't know which) I was expecting. Weed certainly helped speed the process, but it's also an exercise in patience.
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    Attempt to do this and you will never achieve TRUE mediation.
    You have to do the quite the opposite brother - let goooo, stop trying to control the experience, and just let Mary's love run through your veins, and be still.... and just wait for it ;)

    blast this song with your jaw dropped, just starring into the abyss.... without any analyzation.... you will FEEL it ;)

    "who feels it knows it"
  10. I have a few times and like Lay Low said I prefer my sober experiences. Not to say the ones while high are bad, they are just different. I would say being high while meditating makes you feel like you are drunk on energy. So much energy flowing through your body, for someone with out a lot of experience this can be a very uncomfortable possibly even a frightening experience.

    I was meditating just a few days ago while high; I just sat there and took some deep breathes for about ten minutes then and I simply let go. I didn't try to lead the meditation anywhere I just let my mind take me where it knew I was ready to go.
    All of a sudden I had this immense concentration on my third eye chakra all of my energy was flowing there I could feel it drawing in energy aswell, very powerfull. After about 1 minute 2 minutes max of this I felt dizzy with energy. Like I had just taken 6 shots and was about to get the spins. I had to sit for another 10-15 minutes just trying to compose myself and control/release some of this new energy. I had many intense lucid dreams that night was great.

    The experience was heavy though, some people may have freaked out. I almost felt sick, but I know it was for the better. Feeling all that energy and realizing that these 7 chakras are indeed real is something amazing.

    I would say make sure you can meditate while sober, have your meditation experiences and practice built upon being sober so that way you aren't using MJ as a crutch. Some people say "well I can't meditate unless i'm high" No that just means you can not meditate. You must first be able to control your body regulalrly before you start throwing in other elements. I believe if you spend the majority of your meditation practice in a sober state then yes MJ can enhance it and change up the experience for you once in awhile. Just don't over due it or become dependent on it.

  11. Yes that describes it perfectly. It definitely isn't a bad experience at all, but I prefer the calmer intensity of sober meditation over the extremely energetic MJ type meditations. I just feel as though I'm wasting concentration to control the flow of energy, but maybe I should just let it go like you do. I've never even considered that. I'm so used to controlling where my energy flows that I never just let it go. Perhaps I should change my practice?

    My thoughts exactly. If you can't meditate sober you simply can't meditate. I would never be able to control my MJ experiences if I couldn't already control my mind/energy to a certain degree while sober. It doesn't work that way.

    I feel like with weed the energy is like a rushing river, and when sober the energy is still very powerful, but it's more static. That's the best I can describe it. I prefer the static energy. It's more peaceful.
  12. Always. Mary and I have quite the spiritual communion.
  13. Thanks for the information everyone.
  14. The dance of the cannabis/human interaction is a wonderful thing. No need to control it. Let it take you where it will. Be present. Be still. Let yourself be taken on a journey of discovery and delight. Many things are revealed when you walk together. That's what it's there for.

  15. Meditating while high is a good thing, but it could be quite hazardous.

    And the hazzard I'm talking about is 'fire hazzard'.

    Your house could be on fire and you wouldn't even know it because you're supposedly 'meditating'.

    So make sure you have at least a bucket of water within reach when you meditate.
  16. When in doubt, vape.
  17. Meditation is wonderful. I haven't had bud in a while but I tripped the other night and meditated for a while...INCREDIBLE. I know it wasn't true happiness but I gained some insight
  18. Any particular insight or just insight in general?
  19. :smoke:

    And remember; that water inside the bucket is only as pure as your thoughts. ;)
  20. Well. I was doing a metta bhavana and something just clicked, I realized that everyone suffers through the same shit. I know that's the first noble truth and all, and I "knew" it before that meditation, but I just kind of learned how to relate with everyone when I feel like getting mad at them. I'm terrible at explaining things lol sorry man

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